What to Pack for a Cruise

by TheFunPlan

Preparing for a cruise can be a daunting task! So here are some tips so that you can pack with ease. What documentation is required, what clothes should be packed… in short, everything you need to enjoy a holiday on the sea without worrying. Gather your bags because we are going on a cruise! Now we will tell you what to pack for a cruise!



Travel documents are necessary in any getaway. Do not worry, it is simple. We advise you to review several times that your documentation is in order. In particular check the expiration date of your passport! Remember that the documents will be carried with you for billing of the cruise ticket and your identity documents (identity card and passport). Additionally we recommend you have the EHIC if there is any incident and it never hurts to hire a basic travel insurance. This is because if any problems arise there is nothing to worry about.

Do not leave it to the last minute! Once you get assure that all documents before leaving home

Itinerary and Schedule

The route of your cruise is one of the most important for you to enjoy destinations in depth. It is very difficult to visit a city in a few hours, so it is best that you have clear idea of the city so you can discover it. You can search the internet or ask friends who have been in that city and seek recommendations. Each destination has its charm and there are excursions that are unique. So your cruise itinerary will be an unforgettable experience!

It is very important that you relax to have good times. It is not that you need to plan every second of your journey on an agenda, but that you may know that planning times to enjoy each destination will be beneificial. Especially for those who you like shopping or for taking advantage until the last minute to return to the cruise.

Packing Tips


After planning finally comes the key moment of every trip, prepare the suitcase! What is needed and what should I leave behind? Here you have some of advice for packing that will not pose a headache and help not pack the unnecessary baggage!


The first thing you should know is that depending on the time of year and itinerary, your suitcase clothes may vary because it is not the same to cruise to the Fjords and to the Mediterranean. It is best that you bring clothes that you can feel comfortable in, because you will spend a lot of time walking through cities!

 To prevent theft, bring a larger bag because it will be harder for people to gain access to your wallet.

Nor you cannot miss your swimsuit or bikini! If you cannot swim in one of the cruise stops always you can take a dip in the pool or jacuzzi.

An essential in the case of a cruise are the costumes for theme parties usually held one of the nights the boat! And of course, for dinner with the Captain bring your most elegant dress or suit! You should be up to the gala dinner for a nice evening.

The sheets and towels will change daily on the boat. So do not worry about putting them in the suitcase. You should leave room for other things!


Walking blistered is uncool so I advise you to take running shoes with which you can feel comfortable to walk in! To walk around the ship, bring some flip flops to wear. You’ll like walking around this floating hotel in them!


Both for excursions and sunbathing on the deck we advise you to wear sunscreen to avoid burns. The photos are a good memory of the trip, so do not forget to pack a camera to remember every single moment of your cruise.

With these tips you no longer have an excuse not to go away on a cruise. So you know, grab your ticket, passport and your suitcase and… let’s enjoy a vacation at sea!

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