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Visiting the old town of Valencia, Spain by bicycle is an opportunity to discover the corners of the Valencian capital. Touring its old town by bicycle will give us the opportunity to see the Serrano Towers, the Mercado de Colón, the Mercado Central, among many other places in just a day.

Rent a bike in Valencia to meet the city by bicycle, and thus enjoy its cultural heritage. You can scroll through its historic center to discover its history, culture and traditions.

Did you know that Valencia is part of the Cities by Bicycle network? And this is because Valencia has more than 156 km of bike lane, a lane which connects with all the neighborhoods of the city.

Keep on reading and find out what to see in Valencia old town by bike.

What to see in Valencia?

Making a bicycle route along the path of the old medieval wall of Valencia is highly recommended if what we are looking for is to get to know the city center as well as the historic center. You can start your tour by visiting the bridge, the famous Serranos Towers and the Quart Towers.

Torres de Serranos

When you reach the Serranos Towers, leave your bike and get on. You will be 33 meters high! From its battlements, you will be able to see the entire city with the best panoramic views of Valencia, the charm of its Historic District, the Barrio del Carmen and the Turia Gardens.

The Serranos Towers have more than 600 years of history, and contain magical extraordinary stories behind them.

These twin stones were built in the fourteenth century and were used both as a defense and as an entrance and exit from the city to the north of Spain. Did you know that the towers are what is left of the original city wall?

Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana

This three-story gothic-style palace is one of the most emblematic buildings in Valencia old town because it represented the kingdom before the Cortes in the 15th century. Enter and fall in love with its patio and its Gothic staircase.

Mercado de Colón

The next stop on the bike route through the city of Valencia is the Mercado de Colón. It was built by the architect Francisco Mora Berenguer around 1914-1916 in order to cover the needs of Valencia for its rapid and excessive growth.

The creation of this market helped to avoid the street sale of the city. As it happened, the bourgeois class seized its corridors, giving the opportunity of not having to move to the farthest markets to obtain the most necessary basic items.

Mercado Central

Your next stop by bike is the Central Market, located next to Silk Exchange, in the Plaza de las Ciudad de las Brujas. Did you know that this is one of the masterpieces of Valencian modernism?

The market was built in 1914 by Alexandre Soler i March and Francesc Guàrdia i Vial, two architects of the important School of Architecture of Barcelona. In 1928 the Valencian architect Enrique Viedma Vidal took the direction of the project to finish its construction. Do not miss its architecture, stained glass, domes, columns and its interesting modernist and gothic style.

The total renovation of the market was made in 2004 leaving it in perfect condition. It is a traditional market that has 1,200 stalls of different food products of excellent quality such as seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits.

Apart from these places, you can also visit the Plaza de la Reina, the Plaza de la Virgen, the city of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, the Turia river, the beaches of Valencia… Valencia is full of fantastic places covered by the vivid blue sky, so characteristic of the city.

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