Tips for a day of team building in Lisbon

by TheFunPlan

If the Portuguese capital is known for something, it is for being the city of the 7 hills. That is why this day of team building in Lisbon can not miss a good dose of tourism either by land or sea. Throughout the day you will know the secrets that keeps the Portuguese capital in a way that you surely do not expect. And for your day to be successful, here are tips for a day of team building in Lisbon. 

In the morning- Tourism in a different way

Peddy Paper

Guides will be waiting for you to begin a route in which they will tell you everything about the city. There will be a little history, some curiosities, and answers to questions. And, suddenly, what seemed like another tour has become a gymkhana.

Divided into teams, you will begin to work on effective communication among yourselves in order to develop a winning strategy.

The teams will have to be very attentive to all the tracks because everything can change at any time. And, Lisbon is a city full of surprises. For two or three hours, you will go from being tourists to explorers. Additionally, you will know part of the legends of the city, its past history, and can make a comparison with the image of your company.

Are you ready?

Group Sailboat regatta

We unify the benefits of a regular regatta such as cooperation, leadership, and initiative with a tourist part. I-Pad in hand, they will give you a map with 6 monuments to photograph from your sailboat. You will design the shortest route and try to take the best photos. Once you have your album of emblematic places in Lisbon, you will return to port for the votes of the judges of the regatta.

Trolly tour of Lisbon

It’s time to discover the 7 hills that give the city its name. How? You will get on a trolley to enjoy the best views of Lisbon from above. You will cross the Plaça do Comercio, the Portas do Sol, the Sé, and the most important places in the city, And, to finish your tour, you will end up in a typical fado house listening to a 45 minute show in the Chiado neighborhood. Ah… it’s time to relax listening to the best Portuguese voices and guitars.

At Midday- A look at the city through gastronomy

After an active morning, it is time to recover strength. You will eat as a group, and enjoy the cuisine that Portugal offers us. What plans are there at lunchtime?

Sailboat ride with Barbecue

You will embark for 4 hours on a private sailboat just for you. On board you will have a open bar of beer, sangria, or soft drinks. Additionally, you will sail from the Tagus River to the sea from which you can see the Plaza del Comercio, Expo area, Almada, Costa da Caparica, and Belén, It is a perfect environment to enjoy a barbecue, sunbath, and listen to the sound of the waves.

Portuguese cuisine workshop

Tips for a day of team building in Lisbon

The time has come to try traditional Portuguese cuisine. But, this time you will be responsible for the kitchen. Meaning, you will learn to make typical dishes like francesinha or cod cake. With background music and something to drink, you will distribute the menu in teams. After two hours of cooking, it’s time to taste your culinary skills. Wine glass in hand let the tasting begin!

Gastronomic walk

We continue our culinary visit to Lisbon by tasting the different dishes and wines of the Portuguese region. In a walk in which the senses will be the protagonists, you will discover the importance of smells and touch in gastronomy. It is an ultimate cultural and multisensory tour.

Gin and tonic tasting

In the commencing of afternoon session, what better idea than to finish the meal with a Gin Tonics tasting? A perfect excuse to toast for a day with your coworkers and celebrate the new synergies created from the division of groups. Here, you will learn to differentiate the different types of gins that exist, their nuances, and aromas. And the best part, you will do this while you enjoy a live show by the hand of the best bartenders in Lisbon.


In the afternoon: Adrenaline moments

After a morning dedicated to tourism, gastronomy, and getting to know eachother, it is time to deepen these new relationships in a fun and entertaining way.

Painball teams

We leave the street clothes behind for a while and dressed like true warriors. Vest, helmet, and paint gun in hand, for about 3 hours you will leave the classic streets of Lisbon to tour a paintball field, In which, divided by teams, you will have to coordinate so that you can “shoot down” the opponent.

Strategy, negotiation and communication are key elements to achieve victory.

Surf class

A monitor will be waiting for you on the beach so that for an hour and a half you can work on balance, body and mind. Through our surf class, you will improve the motivation of the group and you will improve the trust between classmates. After practicing in the arena and learning some tricks of placement, you will put on your neoprene to prepare yourself for the moment of truth. Time to take the best waves!

Beer bike

In groups of 17 people, you will go up to this original multi tandem through the streets of Belém. You will pedal with your companions for an hour while you calm your thirst with Portuguese beer, white wine or pink. And, the objective? Have an awesome afternoon ?

For dinner

  • Delizia: One of the trendy restaurants in the Chiado neighborhood. Specialists in Portuguese food. Its best plate is a seafood rice.
  • Sacramento: Located in the heart of the Chiado district of Lisbon. It is a perfect place to have a coffee, a drink, or dine in an intimate way. Ultimately, it is a place where you will enjoy Portuguese food with modern touches.
  • Adega do Kais: If you are looking for a different restaurant to surprise your team, how about a candlelight dinner in a former electricity factory? The perfect balance between history and modern cuisine.


At night

It’s time to get to know Lisbon at night, and the best way to do that is with some cocktails.

Catamaran event

Tips for a day of team building in Lisbon0

We return to the port to embark on a luxury catamaran. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lisbon while you listen to live music in a relaxing atmosphere


To finish, a reservation awaits you in one of the best clubs in Lisbon where you can dance and enjoy yourself. Where?

  • Plateau: The oldest club in the Portuguese capital, with music set in the 80s. You will love it!
  • B.Leza: If you are looking for something exotic and different, we encourage you to transport yourself to the island of Cabo Verde. With African rhythms, and live entertainment you will live an unforgettable night.
  • Urban Beach: The fashionable terrace with spectacular decoration, pool, hammocks and incredible views of the sea. The perfect place to have some gin and tonics!


It is very important that before starting a day of team building you have clear goals of it. At The Fun Plan, we make sure that everything goes perfect. We take care of every detail of our activities so that at the end of the day all your expectations are fulfilled.

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