The best sunsets in Malaga

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As every year, Malaga is chosen as one of our best vacation locations to travel with friends! Maybe we all need a little taste of the south once in a while. Also, without the north there would not be a south. Therefore, when we are in the south we should relax and enjoy ourselves. And, what’s the best way to enjoy the south? Well, to go see the best sunsets in Malaga! So, lets get moving…

Of course the best way to finish off a day in Malaga is to go see its sunset which you won’t regret little by little.

1. Gibralfaro Viewpoint

The best sunsets in Malaga Gibralfaro

How good does it sound to go watch an amazing sunset before going out to the best nightclubs in Malaga?

This viewpoint is one of the most touristic and emblematic points in all of the city of Malaga. Not only because of its view, but also for its closeness to the Gibralfaro Castle. From here we are able to enjoy one of the best sunsets in the city, however, a piece of advice: get there early so you can pick  a seat because the place can get busy.

2. Baño Del Carmen

the best sunsets in malaga bano del carmen

Baño Del Carmen is another one of the best sunset locations in Malaga. Here, many people from near and far come to this beach to watch one of the best sunsets in Malaga at a small bar. The views of the ocean as well as the city makes this a preferred location to enjoy a day and evening in the city.

3. Peñon del Cuervo

the best sunsets in malaga penon del cuervo

The Peñon del Cuervo is one of the most famous beaches in the capital of Malaga. With that being said, on the beach there is a pronounced hill where we can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Malaga.

4. The Torcal of Antequera

the best sunsets in malaga torcal of antequera

This incredible landscape offers us an amazing sunset. The greyness of the rocks mixes with the violet and orange of the sunset and leaves you breathless. If we go visit Malaga, going to this location to watch its sunset is a MUST that you cannot miss! Additionally, we can climb the torcal to get a better view of the sunset and watch the night creep in. Afterwards, you can take a night walk through the torcal that is organized by workers.

5. Torrox Lighthouse

The best sunsets in malaga torrox lighthouse

There is no better way to see a spectacular sunset lowering in the horizon than in the Torrox lighthouse. There you will also be able to see miles of boats parked that add to the scenery. The Torrox is a great exponent in Malaga’s marine tradition and history. Its sunsets are undoubtedly one of the best.

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Lets go to Malaga!

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