The best sunsets in Alicante

by TheFunPlan

Who thinks a trip to Alicante doesn’t sound good? Good weather practically assured in almost every month of the year, amazing food, beach at the Mediterranean Sea and if you also let yourself be recommended by a good guide of the best sunsets in Alicante, the only thing left to do is choose the Weekend you want to leave.

1. Jávea

The best sunsets in Alicante 1

Jávea is a small fishing town that despite having only 20 kilometers of beach, can offer us some sunsets like the one we show you in this picture: ideal to have some wines in good company.

This town is not only highlighted for its sunsets, but also for all the day plans that can be made, such as the Miradores Route, which offers privileged landscapes along the Mediterranean in which nature has shaped an image that simply won’t let you down; or go scuba diving in any of its small beaches surrounded by pine trees.

2. Alcoy

Out of the best sunsets in Alicante we can say that they are not all by the sea, Alcoy gives us a beautiful combination between the sky and the mountain at this long-awaited hour of the day, and if there are a couple of cool clouds, better! Because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a cloud dyed by that characteristic rose.

In this town, plans for both cultural and rural tourism are very varied, and its own tourist office has developed a two-day plan so that we don’t miss anything.

3. Santa Barbara’s castle, Alicante

The best sunsets in Alicante 3

In the city of Alicante, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the great port to see the golden hour with the views of the castle; or from the actual castle to see the sunset over the mountains.

4. Alicante’s high seas

The best sunsets in Alicante 4

And if the trip isn’t just a getaway with friends, but a more special occasion such as a hen party, we also organize it for you!

We must speak our minds, if the sunset from “the boring” land doesn’t seem enough, we say it and that’s it. Luckily, The Fun Plan always has alternatives for everything! And we con’t find a better way for you to enjoy the sunset than from a boat party where there is all you can drink in juices, water and soft drinks in addition to two alcoholic drinks per person, a picnic and fresh fruit. And all of this with a DJ playing live music throughout the journey.

5. Tabarca island, Santa Pola

The best sunsets in Alicante 5

Tabarca is the only inhabited island in the Valencian Community and is right in front of Santa Pola’s cape. Its coasts were in the past a refuge of pirates, and it doesn’t sound bad at all because pirates did know how to live a good life, and the sunsets we see now have nothing to envy those they surely enjoy.

We say goodbye to the sun, but only to start the night, and in Alicante the party is guaranteed with a huge variety for all tastes and colors, you can take a look at the 5 best nightclubs in Alicante, and then tell us if you have managed to make a 2X1: sunset … and sunrise;)

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