The best restaurants for groups in Valencia.

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Are you coming to Valencia but do not know where to eat with friends? Don’t worry we will solve that problem right away. Are you looking for the best restaurants for groups in Valencia? Come and discover the world of group restaurants: Perfect for business dinners, family dinners, college dinners, birthdays, celebrations, bachelor parties … Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy amazing food and an open bar in the best restaurants for groups in Valencia.


Calle Chile, 10

Do you want to enjoy an exquisite meal and an excellent atmosphere? La Pecera Bar – Café is a very well located place if you want to party afterward you have nearby pubs like Whitehouse or the club Rumbo or Smile (depending on the day).

The best restaurants for groups in Valencia

On Thursdays, university students fill up this place, taking advantage of that they offer class dinners. It is a very common place for bachelor parties. Be careful because you may find a microphone in your hand doing karaoke to your favorite song without leaving.

Food? There are different menus according to the number of people in the group. All of them include ample food and open bar during the whole dinner. One of the most affordable menus goes for € 10 and consists of choosing 5 tapas by groups of three. Is it your birthday? Do not leave without ordering the 2L fish tank for the birthday boy/girl!

Los Bestias

Av. d’Ausiàs March, 70

Are you looking for a unique place to enjoy your friends at a dinner? Are you looking for a restaurant for a bachelor party?

The Beasts is without a doubt the best option to spend a night of madness

It is a fun, entertaining restaurant, where you will not stop laughing at everything that happens in one place. When you enter your concept of life changes and the gastronomy itself, in Los Bestias you will be surprised. No doubt about it. This is one of the best restaurants for groups in Valencia.

The best restaurants for groups in Valencia

Pato Mareao

36 Serpis Street

The best restaurants for groups in Valencia

A variety of menus, an abundance of food, and open bar? I’m in! Pato Mareao is a fashionable place among university students. Who can resist those prices and those flavors? Group dinners have never been so fun and so cheap. You will find menus between € 10 and € 15, with open bar and access to the list in various clubs. In Pato Mareao if it’s your birthday, you can dine for free, what are you waiting for?

Hansel & Crepel

Carrer de l’Almirall Cadarso, 32

The best restaurants for groups in Valencia

Would you like to dine with your friends’ Parisian style? Here you have a creperie restaurant where you can enjoy a good atmosphere. The place is full on Friday and Saturday night for dinners of friends, company, celebrations or any other event. This is a restaurant where you can go for lunch, eat, snack and even dinner, you can enjoy many crepes! There are all kinds, sweet and savory, but not only that, there are also salads, snacks to share, sishas, different varieties of teas, different kinds of beers, delicious desserts … Who can resist these delicacies?

The best restaurants for groups in Valencia

Do you want to make a trip to Valencia or celebrate your farewell in Valencia? We help you organize your trips so you can enjoy the best restaurants for groups in Valencia.

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