The best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for whatever type adventure you’re looking for. Do you want to relax? Well you can go the marvellous beaches where you can spend the whole day soaking up the sun as if it were the Caribbean. Something with a little more action? Touring the island point by point? Not a problem! And if some time you’ve heard Gran Canaria doesn’t always have great parties, it’s because you haven’t met us! Take your group and party here with some of the best! To make things simpler for you, we made a list of the best nightclubs of Gran Canaria.

And if you want another recommendation from us, start with some mojitos on a small terrace by the sea and have a few snacks while you kick back and enjoy the environment. What do you think?



Isla de Anfi (Mogán)

Best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

The comfortable atmosphere and beautiful backgrounds make this a great place to watch a sunset, but check out  which spots made our top 6 locations of the best sunsets of Gran Canaria.

If you’re looking to lie down while drinking a mojito or a caipirinha to the rhythm of the most popular DJs, continue reading because you’ll want to teleport there right now. The Maroa nightclub has all the ingredients to become the best chill out that you’ve ever visited: lounge chairs, music, good drinks, delicious cocktails and all the shore of the Beach of Anfi Island. Your only worry will be that your glass will never be empty. You’re already imagining it, aren’t you?



Playa del Inglés

Best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

Of course, you can’t miss the giant nightclub of the islands. Pachá Gran Canaria is absolutely full every weekend, and if you like to party with the best there is, you’ll quickly find this nightclub doesn’t disappoint and is always the king of the night.

The room has two different environments and a terrace with armchairs to take in the fresh air between dances. It also offers the possibility to bring you in a limousine, of course, the return is your responsibility…

If you can’t make it to Gran Canaria but you still want to experience the luxury of a Limousine ride check out Valencia!


Terraza Kopa

C.C Muelle de Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina)

Best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

Before your wild night at some of the best clubs, spend a day in Gran Canaria and see what the island has to offer!

The Terraza Kopa is an enormous outdoor nightclub in one of the most famous areas and one of the best environments of the island, Santa Catalina. Reasonable prices and a mountain of bars for all the locals so that getting a drink doesn’t become a hassle. And as far as music goes, they have something for everyone. If you don’t like a song, stay calm, the next one will be for you!


Club Ozono

Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas)

Best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

For those who want to extend the party to the early hours of the morning, the Club Ozono is for you. In addition to it being one of the most popular clubs on the island, it doesn’t close until 7! Each night the room becomes a temple for techno lead by several popular DJs. And if you want to rest between the action, they have various rooms with more relaxed music where you can get some drinks and return after you give it your all. Will you be able to make it until they hang the closed sign?


Paraninfo Generación X

Calle Canalejas (Las Palmas)

Best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

Going out for drinks at a reasonable Price? Yes, although it may seem like a lie, it is possible. In this bar of Las Palmas you’ll have to be careful because of the thousand offers they have it’s easy to drink a few too many. And if you get hungry throughout the night, they have hamburgers and other things to snack on. And all this…to the rhythm of the music!

Centro Comercial Kasbah

Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas)

Best nightclubs of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for a stag weekend on the beach!

This mall is the meeting point of so many tourists in the canaries. It has several pubs and nightclubs with different styles of music so that you can choose between what suits you best to dance the night away. A recommendation is the pub Mojito, which is always open and usually has thematic parties every weekend. You want to dance the salsa? Then Friday is your night!

Keep the night alive with our favourite clubs!

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