The Best Clubs In Malaga

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Malaga is one of the most popular places for anyone planning to travel with friends in the summer. This Andalusian city is not characterized only by the rebujito (a special cocktail) or the ability to jump from beach to beach (like the Tarifa or Zahara). It is also characterized by its phenomenal nightlife, which makes it an ideal place to get away for a few days. To get the most out of the nightlife, you need to know about the best clubs in Malaga. Its time to prove that it’s not just the Andalusians that are kings of the night; let’s go on a trip to Malaga!


The Best Clubs In Malaga

This club has two rooms, thirtteen screens, six reserved spaces, and 4 bars where you can order delicious drinks.

We start at one of the most famous nightclubs in the city, the Andén Discotheque. This club offers a light show and music that will guarantee or night is different and fun.

What if that night we prefer to have a VIP reservation? You will have a whole team of waiters at your disposal. This will make the evening magical, adding to the great music and fun atmosphere! This is what awaits us at the Andén Discotheque.



The Best Clubs In Malaga

Another one of the most famous nightclubs in this city is the Sala Gold. This club has reserved areas, many different events, private rooms, a fantastic atmosphere and elegant music!

Also, they have different themed parties for each night of the week. This guarantees a new, fun experience every time! If you want to enjoy a night out with glamour, fun, and a different vibe then you can’t miss this Malaga venue!


Natural Club

The Best Clubs In Malaga

This is a great experience, Malaga offers a variety of different things to do.

Natural Club is somewhat of an unusual establishment. This is because it smells of wood and is flooded with bamboo and green color. In addition, the spaces and music are themed differently so that you get a unique experience every time!

They also have 40 private rooms of different styles and sizes available. It’s certain to make our night unforgettable; shall we go now?



The Best Clubs In Malaga

In Malaga you can also sleep like Kings at a guaranteed price, what else can you ask for?

We continue with EPOCA, part of the Moliére Group, a club that has been open since 2009. This place was founded on the idea of providing surprising, different nights every time. In its programming, you will find a wide range of shows and spectacles, perfect for ensuring our nights here are unforgettable.

In addition, there is a great sound system that will allow us to enjoy the best and most recent music there is. The crowd is usually people in their twenties, looking to have some of the best nights of their lives in Malaga.


Sala Wengé

The Best Clubs In Malaga

Here, night parties are organized from Thurday to Saturday.

You should try to end up in the Sala Wengé or Wengé Privé, another of the best nightclubs in Malaga. In this club, you will find one of the best atmospheres in the city and the most modern style possible.

The people there are usually around 20-30 years old. Everyone there comes for the same reason; they want to have a good time and dance to the most popular new music.

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