The best breweries in Lisbon

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Travelling through Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, and looking forward for a stopover? It’s logical that after (or in the middle of ?) walking through the entire city, what you’d want most is to find a good place to be with the whole group to discuss the next moves, remember the ones you’ve already experienced or just relax for a while; and what better way to do that than with a beer in hand? And so that you don’t overthink too much, we’re going to share the secrets of the best breweries in Lisbon.

In Portugal, legend has it that Lysias, son of the god Bacchus, brought beer to the ancient Lusitania and taught the people to produce it from barley and wheat. And this is something the Portuguese of today are beginning to take very seriously; as artisanal breweries are growing at a fast pace.

We’ll tell you about the best breweries in 2 areas of Lisbon: on the one hand the Marvila Quarter and on the other hand the coolest breweries in the centre of Lisbon.

Marvila quarter

This is the industrial area of Lisbon, with its factories and active port that was falling into oblivion in recent decades with the advance of the post-industrial era. Although, as in other European cities, this forgotten area is gradually beginning to come to life through activities such as the arts and entrepreneurial projects that are being set up here.

Among these entrepreneurial projects, there are three artisanal breweries. They’re gradually adopting the concept of consumers being able to have contact with producers through the famous “Tap Rooms”.

True lovers of craft beer can enjoy a beer tour of Marvila , you’ll see some of these breweries.

Dois Corvos Brewery

The best breweries in Lisbon 1

Dois Corvos was the first brewery to set up in Marvila. Today it has a Tap Room with beers to taste and some snacks. The space has a special magic, which we’re sure you’ll love as you enter.

Lince Brewery

The best breweries in Lisbon 2

The project is recent and has put a reference on the street: Lince beer, “easy to drink and very different from the industrial beers we know”. This makes it a gateway to the world of beer for lay people in the matter.

Musa Brewery

The best breweries in Lisbon 3

The owners of the Musa beer settled in Marvila; in an old warehouse that was rescued from the ruin, since it was an illegal carpentry shop; and by chance they happened to find the same location with the other two, which has resulted in a happy coincidence that has turned the neighborhood into a “cluster” of artisanal beer.

Downtown Lisboa

In the list of the best breweries in Lisbon, we couldn’t miss the ones in the center.

The tradition is to drink some beers with some seafood; since breweries are places that are especially related to that world.

We offer you a beer tour through the centre of Lisbon to get to know the city in a more enjoyable way.

Duque Brewery

The best breweries in Lisbon 4

The Duque brewery is the first artisan brewery in the city of Lisbon. Not only do they have 12 different types of beer of their own; but they also sell conventional beer for those who are not yet ready to make the change yet.

Duque has an extensive menu of tapas that, if the weather is good, you can enjoy from its little terrace.

Trindade Brewery

The best breweries in Lisbon 5

It’s a century-old brewery whose walls are plagued with tiles. Despite being very large; it fills up quite easily, so if you don’t want to miss out on their beer, it’s best to book in advance.

Trindade is a great example of what we’ve mentioned before, it started as a brewery, and ended up evolving to what it is now: a good seafood restaurant with its own beer.

Ramiro’s Brewery

The best breweries in Lisbon 6

As in the Trindade brewery, Ramiro’s brewery started out as just that, a place to go for a beer. But over time, they expanded and modernized the space by focusing on a seafood concept.

Today, it’s recognized both nationally and internationally for the excellent quality of the raw materials, the level of service and the value for money.

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