The best beaches and Coves of Malaga

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To have a North we must have a South too. And what’s a better way to get entangled with the southern culture than to go to Malaga? The southern area never disappoints with its landscapes, and ocean view, but we cannot talk about the south unless we mention Málaga. And Today, we will discover the best beaches and Coves of Malaga to see which one catches our attention the most.

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4 Beaches to lose yourself in Malaga

Chica Beach

Las mejores playas y calas de malaga playa chica

What’s a better way to end a day in Malaga than to go to one of these beautiful beaches and watching their beautiful sunset?

We’ll start the beach route in the municipality of Torrox in Malaga at the famous Chica Beach. It is not one of the largest beaches in the area, but despite that it has a great charm. The diversity of archaeological remains that it has as well as a spectacular lighthouse gives character to the area. Also, if cultural curiosity stings us, we will have to move to the famous town of Clavicum.

Tajo de la Soga Beach
las mejores playas y calas de malaga playa tajo de la soga

Tajo de la Soga beach is one of the wildest beaches in all of Benalmádena. It is also one of the few beaches that has the highest number of customer services. And its of large size and extension. Therefore, we will have the ability to visit a large number of coves near the beach that are separated by large rocks.

Beach of Christ

the best beaches and coves of malaga beach of christ

Don’t you think spending your bachelorette celebration in Malaga is a good idea? Speak now or forever hold your peach 🙂

Not only is this beach ideal for bringing children, it is also recommendable for those who are “not children anymore.” And that is because one of the best local bars is right on it: El Lolailo. This perfect bar serves a stupendous fish, but you can also enjoy listening to live bands and DJ’s who play there.

Burriana Beach

the best beaches and coves of malaga burriana beach

Burriana Beach, also known as the best beach in the Nerja municipality is a great choice. This fine sand beach is 800 meters of absolute beauty. Even though this is a very touristy beach and is constantly busy it is worth it. It can be your best or worst time, however, it has an active shore and surrounded by panoramic mountainous view.


4 Coves in Malaga to lose yourself in

Peñon del Cuervo Cove

the best beaches and coves of malaga crows rock beach


You want to know a little secret about this beach? Well, it has one of the best sunsets in Malaga.

Once we arrive closer to the city of Málaga, we will find Peñon del Cuervo Cove. This is one of the liveliest parts of Málaga. Why? Despite it being one of the biggest coves, and the most visited. You are able to hold Barbecue’s, concerts, and other social activities. As well as spend all day at the cove until the sun comes back up. How fun!

Maro Cove

the best beaches and coves of malaga maro cove

We can now talk about one of the best coves in Spain, Maro Cove. Located in the heart of Maro. These waters are perfect for activities such as snorkelling, diving, or getting to discover a wonderful marine fauna that will leave us speechless. It is also one of the most visited coves in summer. But, despite its easy access,you must go well prepared to spend the day because it does not have any type of customer service in its surroundings.

Cove del Cañuelo

the best beaches and coves of malaga handkerchief cove

Located in the center of Nerja municipality, we can find Cove del CañueloThis is a small beach located in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the area. Why is this cove one of the best? Well, its transparent water allows us to go diving as well as snorkelling.  However, during high season this cove becomes very popular so we recommend going early. And if you hand to choose, we suggest arriving by bus because the transportation system there is very simple.

El Pino Cove

the best beaches and coves of malaga el pino cove

El Pino Cove, Located in the Nerja municipality is in a small beach that is situated between two rocks filled with vegetation. In addition, because of how isolated it is, it is a totally virgin beach. Where the only thing that is breathed is pure nature. For this same reason, it is also not one of the most popular in the area, but the most swam in.

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