The 5 best nightclubs in Madrid

by TheFunPlan

Looking for the perfect plan for your bachelor party in Madrid? Or simply, do you want to visit the capital but do not know where to go? Here we leave you a good selection designed exclusively for the coolest travelers and party goers! Here are The 5 best nightclubs in Madrid where locals are the real MVPs.

Also, who said that New York is the city that never sleeps? Because here in Madrid we know how to do it with style no matter the time! But if you are one of those who from time to time need a little rest, do not worry! Because in Madrid you can also find the best accommodations at a guaranteed price! What more can you ask for more?

Teatro Kapital

Calle Atocha, 125

best nightclubs madrid teatro kapital 6

It contains seven independent floors with completely different atmospheres and music.

Teatro Kapital, the best-known and most emblematic venue in the capital, it’s open from Thursday to Saturday you can live a totally different party, out of the ordinary, with shows, good music and many surprises that will make you return to your city with an incredible taste.

There are 7 floors, you can enjoy karaoke, a floor with house musiclarge boxes from where you can view the entire nightclub with a bottle in your hand, a terrace where you can disconnect while enjoying a good drink. Lastly, you can pass by a particular place such as the Kissing Room or the Funky Area.

Gabana Club

Calle de Velazquez, 6

best nightclubs madrid gabana club

This nightclub has the top sells for Dom Pérignon in Spain.

Gabana Club has the highest public demand, nationally and internationally, this club is the most elegant and filled with stunning people. Located in the middle of Velázquez street, next to the Retiro Park, It has a wide variety of cocktails as well as one of the largest wineries in Europe. It does not sound bad, right?

Well, that’s not all!

This club opens from Wednesday to Saturday until the sun rises, so more than a guaranteed party! Although it is true that Wednesdays are a different kind of scene, they are nights of madness, fun and a lot of parties for a varied audience to enjoy a free bar from 12:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. of beer, sangria, and wine. But if you prefer to go on a Friday or Saturday, there’s no problem! Because if there is something that Gabana Club guarantees you, whichever night you choose, madness and uniqueness will be at the top of your list.



Barceló Theater,  or rather better known as Pacha, is the most distinctive club in Madrid. Located on Barceló street, this nightclub offers 3 floors with different types of music. It opens from Thursday to Saturday. Every night in this club there is always something unique and different that will capture your eyes. You will have a lot of fun while you enjoy the best House music in the main room as well as a show by the DJ that will motivate you even more. On the third floor, there is reggaeton music, the latest songs await you.

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best nightclubs madrid opium

They organize a party called Wild Jungle every week how wild will the rest of the nights be?

Opium Madrid, one of the most famous clubs from the city of Barcelona has managed to extend it to Madrid, using the old Moma room. In this club, you will find spectacular animations that set the room for the best commercial. There is a variety of house and funky music. It has two rooms, VIP and the Purple Room with commercial and pop music.

The people who enter are the top selections of Madrid, from soccer players, journalists, actors… Each night is different from Thursday to Saturday, the nights will revolve around House and commercial music; but hey, if you do not want too much house music we recommend you go on Wednesdays or Sundays, where you will find music R & B, funk, and urban music.



best nightclubs madrid florida park retiro

This place combines dinners, shows and dance floors all gathered in the same room!


Florida Park Retiro, after being closed for a long time, has once again become one of the most requested sites in Madrid’s nightlife, since its opening in 2016. It has returned in style with a reopening that aspires to be a cultural reference and a gastronomic in Madrid.

Every night there is something different, good atmosphere and beautiful people, with unbeatable music. The main room is one of the largest where you can see the entire Retiro Park through the windows. This room is open every day of the week from Thursday to Saturday. Can you imagine being able to see the Retiro Park both at night while seeing the sunrises? Well, now you can!


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