3 Team Building Activities For Freak Companies In Barcelona

by TheFunPlan

Looking for a way to engage with your team enjoying with the latest and greatest new technologies? Look no further! Barcelona is a city with endless team building options that will surprise all your employees.

Nowadays, technological workshops adapted to Team Building experiences are becoming more and more fashionable through which you can increase the knowledge and creativity of your employees. These workshops also promote interest in the new trends and advances that technology is causing and encourage to incorporate them in the daily work environment.

In this post we will be showing you some exciting types of difTferent tech-oriented team building activities offered in this famous city. Do you want to discover them? Go for it!


Filmmaking Experiences

Lights, Camera, Action! Allow team members to direct and act in their very own movies over the Barcelona’s most popular and beautiful sites!

For this activity participants are divided into groups (ideally 3-5) and each team is assigned a well-known movie by lottery choice. Teams are then challenged to re-create several scenes from their assigned movie with a new, more humorous approach.

Each team needs its own director, scriptwriter, set designer, main and secondary actors/actresses- so communication and teamwork are vital for assigning and carrying out roles. A professional cameraman handles the filming and helps you edit the finished product but the rest is up to your employees!

A great activity to boost creativity, strengthen professional relationships and enjoy being entertained by fellow co-workers in a new and cultural setting. Moreover, this activity allows participants to get to know the neighborhood of this city alongside co-workers.tablet-1719191_640

Techie Extravaganza

Ready for some seriously high-tech fun?

If your team isn’t into walking cobbled streets and admiring old monuments and architecture, this is the perfect activity for your team! Try with some experiences based on the latest in entertainment technology!

Don’t miss out on this special techie team building experience where the tech saviness of your employees will be put to the test in a series of fun technological challenges.

They will get to try controlling an AR Drone from an iPad or smartphone, they will have to show their skills with remote control cars against one another and they will have to try to be the first to build a Lego Technics Building!


Scavenger Hunt

This activity is based on the concept of using GPS enabled tech- like iPads and smartphones- to guide you throughout Barcelona as you race to find the sites, and fulfill the challenges before the other team does!

Your iPad will be abble to transform Barcelona’s gothic quarter into a game platform with puzzles, clues and challenges hiding behind every corner! So, it is a super fun way to get to know a part of Barcelona’s history and modern culture.

Moreover, you can try to organize your own personalized game. You only have to tell us what are you thinking about and we will make it real!


Do you consider that these options are interested for you? Apart from those mentioned above think: Go Pros, virtual reality headsets and venues offering simulated exhilarating experiences like skydiving or space flight!

Finally, as you navigate the technology focused Team Building options, remember that incorporating technology for the “cool factor” alone is never enough. You must set the context, debrief employees, and make sure the value of the activity for day to day business applications or office communications are evident.

Choose this kind of Team Building activities and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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