Sunsets in Ibiza

by TheFunPlan

One of the most wonderful things that we can enjoy in Ibiza is its exquisite sunsets from the west coast of the island. During nightfall, the colours in the sky and their reflection upon the water are truly magical. It is a stunning sight that you cannot miss!!

Here are our recommendations for the best places to enjoy this incredible experience:

Cala Conta. The best sunset in the world

Many people say that the world’s best sunset can be seen from this small bay. It is like a postcard, or, as we say in Spanish, “de postal”. However, we at The Fun Plan don’t have a postcard from this sunset…So, if you get the chance to go, please send us a pic to our Facebook Fan Page!

Kumharas, in Sant Antoni

Sunset in ibiza

Kumharas is one of the most beautiful pubs on the island. Situated in Bahía de San Antonio, Kumharas has an extraordinary location right on the shore, along which you will find a lively, hippie atmosphere, many shops, music and people from everywhere, all of which make it one of the greatest and most charming places to see the sun go down.

It has also an Asian restaurant, as well as live shows on occasion, and DJ’s perform every day…Check out its schedule here.

Café del Mar. Chill-out sunset

Sunset in ibiza 1

One of the ultimate places to enjoy Ibiza at dusk is this bar on the shore of San Antonio, where you can see the incredible twilight while enjoying a delicious cocktail and a selective chill-out session. This venue is well known for its great taste in music. In fact, Café del Mar has a program on the national radio station, Europa FM, every weekend.

Benirràs and the hippie drums

Sunset in ibiza 2

This beach is very famous on the island for its hippie atmosphere and completely natural environment. The small isle of Cap Bert is located on the horizon, which enhances its idyllic scene. While the sun disappears into the Mediterranean Sea, the “drums party” takes place along with dancing, singing, partying and a breathtakingly beautiful sky.

These are some #funplans recommendations, but there are other places like Cala D’Hort, Cala Bassa, Cala Salada o Es Verdra Island in which you can also enjoy magical sunsets.

What is your favourite sunset in Ibiza?

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