Stag Party in Budapest: a peculiar weekend

by TheFunPlan

We are aware that you guys must be real experts in throwing parties, but when it comes to bachelor parties it might very well be that some of you are running out of options to surprise the husband-to-be. As we want to make sure that all of your plans involve fun and peculiarity, below we are providing some of our best options in Budapest. Read through it as you start to pack your luggage: you’re going to enjoy a wonderful stag party in Budapest if you decide to celebrate your weekend here!

3 days and 2 nights full of mad fun and new experiences. This is what Budapest promises to offer, so are ready to come and enjoy it?!

1. Let’s take off. Here begins our trip!

First step to make it is to book the flights. We’re probably going to be lucky, because there are several airlines (Ryanair, Wizzair) that offer direct flights for at great prices if you book 2-3 months in advance.

2. Hostels, your best choice

Stag Party in Budapest a peculiar weekend

Check out the best hostels of the capital, with private bathroom and breakfast included. Basically, everything you need to recharge your batteries and keep it going.

By the way, even though a hostel might sound like the only place where you can actually have some peace, we promise that is not how it is going to go. The hostels are, in fact, the places where the majority of young people like to stay, mostly because they quite often host major pre-parties. What kind of night does not start with a good pre-party?

3. Arrival in Budapest

Stag Party in Budapest a peculiar weekend 1

If your goal is to surprise the husband-to-be, why not organising a limo pick up straight from the airport to your place? It sounds like a nice start, doesn’t it? A toast to the fiancé and another one to our trip that’s about to begin!

We will keep going with a boat party across the Danube river that will be waiting for you as you land in Budapest, so you can start to familiarise yourself with the city. There’s no time to waste: 90 minutes of fun, all while drinking wine, beer, sparkling drinks and and fizzy drinks. Apart from all of that, for those who want to live the party animal life in Budapest, we have an after-boat party (across the best clubs of the city) so that the party never ends. One of these clubs is the Szimpla Kert which definitely stands out as one of the most well-known ruin bars across the city: it combines alternative & original.

4. Unstoppable Rhythms

Stag Party in Budapest a peculiar weekend 2

On Saturday, throughout the day, you’ll be able to get to know all of Budapest’s corners. Thanks to its culture and the night lifestyle (as well as the day-time one), you can be reassured that Budapest will not disappoint you. If, by the time Saturday comes, you feel to tired of walking and all you want to do is to sit down and enjoy a beer, here’s your favourite option: a ride on a Beer-Bike! Definitely one of our best option to get to know the city while enjoying a nice fresh beer.

At night time you will be able to enjoy a dinner (with a strip-show) that will impress you and then you will be free to enjoy the iconic ruin pubs. These are one of the main attactions of the city, mostly because they were old buildings about to be demolished until some young people decided to renovate them and turn them into party areas.

5. Sparty: the icing on the cake

Stag Party in Budapest a peculiar weekend 3

If, on the other hand, you are trying to think out of the box, we recommend you to go to a Sparty. What’s that? Basically, a party. It takes place in Budapest’s famous thermal baths and it combines a good party with some outdoor relax. To sum up, this is probably the best option of hot & cold, party & relax. Can you imagine if it starts raining as you are throwing a party in the pool?!

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