Stag Parties on the Beach

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If there is a wedding around the corner, and a stag party is on the horizon get ready for the best and most fun weekend! The desire to go to the beach, soak up the sun and have new experiences, make a bachelor party on the beach one of the best options to organize one unforgettable weekend. Here are options for your stag parties on the beach!

The beach offers us the opportunity to celebrate the farewell of bachelor life while carrying out activities that you could not do elsewhere: sailing trips, catamarans parties, jet skis, cruises, sunsets, beaches, kayaking, banana boat tubing and so much more.

In this post we have collected some of the most desirable destinations for you to entertain yourself during your stag party on the beach!


Ibiza boat party

The beach and coves of Ibiza are definitely one of the most popular and most fun places to spend stag and hen parties. Its climate, its beaches, its people, its continual feast, its nightlife, all make this island an ideal place to spend a few magical days partying with friends.

You will find many activities but we recommend the boat parties as they are the best way to experience Ibiza! It combines the beach holiday and experiencing a unique party that you will not be able to do anywhere else. Sun, drinks, cruising, and a full boat, what more could you want!

Find your tickets for the best Ibiza discos here!


La Barceloneta

Barcelona is an amazing city to dismiss singleness with options both in the day and night. There are many things to do and it is varied. Of course you can turn towards the beach in the famous seaside neighbourhood of “La Barceloneta”.

In the Costa Brava, you can enjoy the sun and many activities such as paintball, adventure sports, hiking, catamaran sailing trips, dinner show at the Olympic Port of Barcelona, limousine rides and as group dinners surrounded by shows and of course lots of partying! Do you dare to visit Barcelona for your stag party?


Beach near Lisbon

In Portugal we want to recommend two stag destinations:


The city of light, the pearl of the Atlantic. This place offers a multitude of plans; tours, shopping tours, adventures and of course sailing trips. The clarity of the city, the Tagus river, the boat, the views of the sea from the city, friends, beers, sun, a meal on board, a dip to cool … Sounds pretty amazing, right!


Located in the center of the Algarve, with its dotted coastline of beaches and cliffs and always with a Mediterranean warm climate, it offers a unique setting for a bachelor party aboard a boat enjoying its beaches, barbecues on the beach, coves and delightful atmosphere! This place has all the activities that you could ever want for your stag party.

Finally, whatever coastal area that you pick, celebrating stag and hen parties on the beach is one of the best options to have a great time with friends and enjoy the many benefits they offer. Should we recommend another beach party destination to add to the list? Have an amazing stag party and don’t forget to send your photos to our Facebook page!

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