Rome in one day

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Ciao travelers! Pack your bags because, we’re going to Rome! The Italian capital is one of the fifteen most visited cities in the world. In addition to having a lot of history, it is one of the obligatory stops on any Mediterranean cruise or European tour.

Surely if we are preparing our trip, we have an endless list of things to do in Rome but, how are we going to organize ourselves to see everything?. Calm because here we can find the essential places to see in Rome in a day.


In the morning

Rome in one day

Why don´t start the day with a capuccino, espresso or macchiato?. There are many places to drink many types of coffee! We can take the opportunity to have a good breakfast because a very busy day awaits us to discover the city.

Let´s begin our route through the Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheater. If we want to have a good view, it is best to get there by the Vía del Colosseo. Since this way we will be able to see it in full and take the best pictures, we want to see them all!

After seeing where the famous gladiatorial fights and beasts were held, the best thing is that we go to the Roman Forum, the most important archaeological zone of the city. Although it is very well taken care of, we will need some imagination to get an idea of ​​how it used to be, since it was the place in the city where commercial, political and religious life took place. The entrance is the same as that of the Colosseum, so do not forget to keep it to continue using it!

We will continue going through Piazza Venezia, where we will find a building that will catch our attention due to its size and how white it is. It is known as Vittoriano and from its terraces we will have a 360º view of the city: from the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, to the historical center, the Tiber River, the Jewish ghetto or the modern EUR neighborhood.


Also in the morning

Rome in one day 1After our stop on the way, we arrive at the Plaza del Campidoglio, still considered today as one of the most elegant squares in Europe. From the back of the square we will have one of the best views of the Forum and in the square itself is the access to the Capitoline Museums.

Art lovers have come to one of your temples! Sculptures such as the Capitoline Wolf, paintings by Bellinni and Caravaggio and statues such as that of Marco Aurelio are just some of the works we will find. You will also find it very curious to see the different portraits of the emperors of Rome.

Recommendation!! before going we must choose which works are the ones that we are most interested in seeing, in this way we will not stay without seeing any of the essentials and we will not need too much time to find them.


Where to eat

Rome in one day 2

If we continue our route to the area of the Pantheon and the Plaza de la Rotonda where you will find various trattorias and “risttorantes” where you can taste rich pasta dishes and rest for a while. As in many other cities, you will find many Italians at the doorstep of restaurants with special menus for tourists. These are usually made up of pasta or bruschetta first and pizza second.

If you want to taste the best handmade pasta, we should not get carried away by the most touristy places, and look for places that, although less economic, are frequented by local people. There we will surely try the best of the best. And there is not one in Rome every day to try the best pasta, right?


In the afternoon

Rome in one day 3

After a good meal we will head to the Pantheon, one of the most impressive temples of all time dedicated to all gods. Currently serves as a point of reference and meeting, so it is the perfect time for you to meet other groups or drink while you enjoy some of the street shows that usually have.

Piazza Navona is the prettiest and most authentic in all of Rome. It is surrounded by narrow streets that we will love to visit and we will be amazed by its size and the buildings and sculptures that compose it. If we like postcards and prints, it is the perfect time for us to do any of it, since there are usually many painters and artists around the square.

As we have already given time to lower the food a bit, we can also take the opportunity to try one of the best ice cream of our life in the Mariotti ice cream shop.

There are ice creams of all the flavours that you can imagine and up to seven different types of chocolates! Will you be able to choose just one?

We continue our tour going to Piazza España. It is a garden area where there is also a lot of atmosphere during the day and from where all the fashion shops of haute couture go out in Rome. So we can go for a walk to see the latest models or sit on the steps of the square to make a stop along the way and, at the same time, feel what Italian life is like.

Also in the afternoon

Rome in one day 4

Tradition says you have to pick up a coin and throw it into the fountain with your back to it while you make a wish. Will it be fulfilled?

To end our afternoon, we can head towards the Via Poli to reach the Fontana di Trevi. When arriving on this street, the impression of seeing the Fontana will be much greater since we are slowly seeing how each time we are closer to it.


In the night

Rome in one day 5

Did you think the day was over? We still have to know the Italian night! On the way to Trastevere area, we can stop at the “Boca de la Verdad”. Legend has it that if you tell a lie while your hand is inside your mouth, it closes …

As we do not want to prove it, we prefer to go in search of one of the best pizzas in Rome at the Carlo Menta restaurant, Here we will find pizzas at a very affordable price and of good size for all tastes.

Once we have finished dinner, it is best to take a walk through the neighborhood of Trastevere and take the opportunity to sit down in one of its little terraces to have a drink and so enjoy the night like authentic Italians.


Rome, here we go!

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