Prague in a day

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Have you got to Prague and only with 24 hours to visit the city? Don’t worry! We’re going to show you the indications of all the “musts” in order to visit Prague in a day in an unforgettable way.

Prague is a perfect city for these kinds of trips because it’s small and cozy; and its main tourist interest sites are concentrated in the center, around the ancient medieval city, which is the most charming area.

Ready to start the tour?

In the morning

Prague in a day 1

Let’s start from Wenceslas Square, the centre of the modern city Nova Mesto and the entrance limit to the medieval city.

From there, go to the Old Town Square, one of the points of greatest tourist interest in town along with San Carlos’ bridge. In the square, you can climb the town hall tower or visit the Temple of Tyn; but you can’t miss the astonomical clock, the oldest medieval clock in the world, with an amazing history behind… But we’ll leave that for when you get there, we don’t want to be spoilers.

To the north of the Old Square, we’ll ascend to Josefov’s Jewish quarter. The visit to this neighborhood starts from the Jewish cementery, a visit that can last up to 2 hours. As we have just enough time, we recommend to visit only two: the old new synagogue and the Spanish synagogue.

Where to eat

Prague in a day 2

Since we’re in the area of the Jewish quarter, we recommend one of the best restaurants in Prague: Restaurant U Golema, with varied food that go from European, through typical and delicious typical food of the country; yo Eastern European cuisine.

It’s located 200 meters away from the Old Square, ideal to continue the route and achieve the goal of getting to know Prague in a day.

From here and across the Vltava River, we can get to Letna Park. We can enjoy the best views of the “bridges over the Vltava River”.

In the afternoon

Prague in a day 3

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Once we’ve taken the obligatory photo, we’ll go up to the castle of Prague, which is called castle but it’s actually a walled city in miniature with beatiful gardens. Inside you can’t miss the golden alley, one of the most beautiful streets of Prague and where Franz Kafka lived; and the cathedral of St. Vitus.

We’ll leave the castle through the door of Matías and we’ll go down until the square of Mala Strana. Once there, we’ll make a quick visit to the cathedral of San Nicolas, and from there to San Carlos’ Bridge, one of the most famous of the world.

In the evening

Prague in a day 4

With this route, we’d have reached the end of our tour of Prague in a day, but do you still have a few hours to devote to fun and a typical beer of the city?

As we don’t have a doubt of the answer, we’re here to let you know that on the east side of the Moldava river, next to the Bridge of San Carlos, you’ll find some of the main pubs and discos in Prague. These are the liveliest places in the city almost every day since the public is mainly tourists. Not to mention the largest discotheque in Europe: Karlovy Lazne, with five floors with different kinds of music for everyones tastes.

Our recommendation for May is the beer festival in Prague, you are still on time!

And if you don’t have a place to sleep, you can easily book it. How?

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