Porto in a Day

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Porto, the city that offers you an infinite amount of plans that attract a wide variety of different visitors. But, so that you don’t feel lost when you visit, today we’ll give a guide for Porto in a dayA guide within hands reaches that will help you when deciding which sites you can see in this Portuguese city.

And if there’s one great thing about Porto, it’s its geographical location, which makes it the perfect city for a little getaway or a trip for a few days. Your flight options include direct flights to Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca. Your roadway options include Vigo, Orense, Pontevedra, and Verín which are less than 2 hours; Santiago and A Coruña are less than 3 hours; Salamanca, Zamora, Benavente, León, Lugo, and Ponferrada are less than 4 hours. This makes your opportunity to see Porto in a day very easy and accessible!

Essential places to go to in Porto

 In the morning

One of the best things about Porto is that all of the most popular tourist spots are fairly close to each other and you can visit practically the entire historic center on foot. However, we do advise that you navigate the city by subway because the spots are so well connected. This will help you move around the city quickly and comfortably during your visit to Porto in a day.

We suggest that you get up early and have a good breakfast in which there is no lack of pasteis de nata, Portuguese cream pastries, and coffee to wake you up.

After you have recharged your batteries, the tourist visit begins. We advise you to start the day by going to Avenida dos Aliados, the main avenue of Porto. It pays homage to the allied countries during World War II. All throughout its 350 meters, you can see many modern from buildings from the twentieth century, such as the town hall.

To continue with your one-day tour of Porto, we recommend that you set course towards the most famous bookstore in the city. The famous Lello bookstore; this store inspired J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter saga. It is a very popular tourist spot, so there is an entrance fee. 


It costs € 5.50 to enter, but if you buy a book that amount is deducted from your total. We advise you to book your ticket online, you will save a lot of time.

Also, we recommend you visit the Cathedral of Porto, which you’ll see looks like a fortress. This cathedral is surrounded by ancient walls that protected the city. The most interesting thing about it is that after almost a thousand years of existence, it’s gone through so many reconstructions that it has many different styles within it. However, the essential thing is to visit its cloister, something impressive! The entrance to the cathedral is free, but visiting the cloister costs € 3.

Where to eat

You cannot leave Porto without trying its’ most famous dish. We hope you’re hungry after walking all morning because this is a huge portion of food! The francesinha is a sandwich filled with several slices of meat, egg, and cheese bathed in a spicy sauce.

This massive sandwich is typically served with French Fries on the side. It costs about € 10 and you’ll find it at almost any restaurant in the city. However, many people decide to go and try it at Café Santiago. A historic place that is always filled with people because of the fame that precedes it.


If you are not super hungry, stop by Santini to try the best ice cream in the city.

In the afternoon

To begin to descend after the francesinha, we advise you to walk in the direction of Praça da Batalha. There you can see large historical buildings such as the main post office and the São João National Theater with many hotels and local stores also near.

Very close to the square is the spectacular São Bento train station. Inaugurated in 1916, it stands out both for the blue tones that cover the walls, and for the representations on each wall that show a historical scene of the city. It is something spectacular to see; so you cannot miss this on your one-day trip to Porto.


In addition, we recommend you to see the city from Miradouro da Vitoria, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Porto. From there, you can see all the Ribeira, the Douro, and the best-known bridge in the Portuguese city—that of Luís I.

Once you cross this bridge, you will be in the village of Vila Nova da Gaia, where the best wineries in the city are located. You can try a wide variety of wines while you enjoy a fado show. 

You can cross The Bridge of Luís I both by the upper part, where the tram passes, and below, where the vehicles cross.


This bridge that has become an icon of Porto has an interesting story behind it. Gustave Eiffel presented a project for it that was rejected, as they preferred one of their partners for the bridge. Yes, guys! It is the same Gustave Eiffel who shortly after built the Eiffel Tower!

What’s better than finishing a delicious wine tasting and then going on a boat ride? To make it even better, the boat leaves from the promenade on the shores of Vila Nova de Gaia, so it will be right there as you leave the winery. You’ll have no excuse not to go!

At night


To finish off such a busy day in Porto, you will get to know the Ribeira district. On the banks of the Duero, there is a nice and lively area full of bars and restaurants that you can walk. The buildings in the area are beautiful, with facades full of color and tiles. Also, what better way to end the day than by watching a spectacular sunset?

Still hungry? Start to walk in the direction of Casa Guedes, where you can try another of the delicacies of Portuguese cuisine. In this brewery they make some spectacular sandwiches called sandes. Made with roasted pork and cheese, and along with a rich and fresh beer, you will get dinner for less than € 5. It is a very popular place among locals and tourists, so there are usually lots of people.

And to put the icing on the cake, let’s go party! Perhaps the parties in Porto are not particularly well known, but there is no doubt that there are a lot! The obligatory stop is going to be our starting point, Avenida de Los Aliados. There you will have the coolest gambling dens to hit the mother load of the century! Not so bad, right? Well, if you don’t want to go to a disco, don’t worry because we’re going to leave you with the best clubs in Porto! They suit all tastes, so even the most exquisite cannot sleep!

Now, you know exactly what you need to do to have the best trip possible when you visit Porto in a day.

Let's go to Porto!

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