Our favourite clubs in Budapest

by TheFunPlan

Whether you’re going for a weekend only or for a longer trip, Budapest is always a good option to travel to. Not only due to what’s there to see, but especially for its peculiar, diverse and fun nightlife. This is why we have decided to explore its clubs and come up with our own list of our favourite clubs in Budapest. Let’s have a look at what we got!

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is one of the great classics of the Hungarian capital. It is a ‘ruin pub’ and situated next to the Jewish quarter. Once there, you will be able to enjoy a cultural diversity, live music, outdoor cinema and a market every Sunday. This is not the mainstream pub that one could think of, but rather an original place where the walls are covered in graffiti and street art.

Morrison’s 2

Morrison’s 2 is another one of the big clubs in Budapest: here you will be able to enjoy a good variety of music: karaoke, pop, biggest hits to something way slower and more enjoyable. The ticket to get into this club costs around 500 Hungarian forints (less than 2£).
This must be the reason why it has become one of the most crowded places: people aged 20 to 35 visit it every night, both tourists and locals.


A38 is one of the most interesting places in Budapest, at least in terms of party-making. This club-restaurant is situated on a whole huge boat that is permanently anchored to the Danube, in the area of the bridge next to the Buda del Petőfi.

Throughout the night, both your eyes and your ears entertained. There will be a nice variety of music, including both national and international; also, you will enjoy great views thanks to the enormous window on this boat that will allow you to look at the Danube and the city. It must be amazing to look at the stunning sunsets from there.

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy 5 open bars in all corners of the boat. There will be no excuse not to have a couple extra drinks ?


Situated in the heart of the Hungarian capital, Corvin Club is iconic in its own way. It’s another one of those peculiar places spread throughout the city where you can listen to authentic electronic music while enjoying the best landscapes of the city.

It will be a bit hard to find it, since we will need to enter the Cafe Mundium to find it. Once there, you will need to take the lift that will take you to the rooftop directly. The price for the ticket is between 500 Hungarian Forint to 2000 Hungarian Forint.

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