Our favorite nightclubs in Seville

by TheFunPlan

After touring the streets of Triana, the water alleyways, or navigating through the Guadalquivir river; it is time to dress up in our best clothes and go out to see Seville at night. Nightclubs,  clubs with swimming pool, or terraces… This city offers thousands of different plans for all styles and we have selected our favorite nightclubs in Seville for a trip with friends.

Antique Theatre

Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro

Our favorite nightclubs in Seville the antique theatre

Their music is very up to date and so you will hear all of the lastest hits.

What was once the Olympic pavilions of the 92’ Expo is now one of the best clubs in Seville. The Antique Theatre offers more than 2,500m2 which is more than enough space to enjoy the most of your Sevillian night.

At the Antique Theatre there are no two nights alike. They have monthly programs that include concerts, national and international DJ’s, and a host of events that make each night unrepeatable.

You will be impressed by its decoration, large lamps, sofas. Also it has an exclusive floor for VIP reservations.


Port of Cuba

Calle Betis

Our favorite nightclubs in Seville port of cuba

Port of Cuba is a mandatory stop if you are visiting Seville for a day. There view and cocktails are unforgettable.

As soon as we walk through the doors of the Port of Cuba we will immediately see the flag and insignia of the city of Seville as well as the gold tower. And if that doesn’t catch your attention than the view from discotheques terrace will.

The decoration of the nightclub will transport you for a moment to the Caribbean. For its high lights, tree like decorations with large green leaves, and a “chill out” style.

Port de Cuba closes between 02:00 and 03:00 in the morning, which makes it a perfect place to start the night enjoying live music.


Alfonso Terrace

Paseo De Las Delicias 13

Our favorite nightclubs in Seville the Alfonso terraceLocated in the Maria Luisa Park, Alfonso Terrace is an outdoor nightclub and is the oldest terrace in Seville.

Regarding the music during the majority of the nights, the club plays up to date music and hosts some of the best DJ’s who play unusual songs.


April Seville


Our favorite nightclubs in Seville April SevilleApril Seville is an urban pool club. It has an 800m2 pool with a capacity of 2,00 people and is located just 10 minutes from the city center.

Its pool is located outside, and it is where you can enjoy a cocktail while sunbathing. Before or after sitting pool side you can go inside where there is a large dance floor surrounded by VIP tables.

It also has a private VIP area on at the top of where you can see the entire party room.




Their shows are perfect if you are planning a bachelorette party for it is different and original.

This is a place with bright colores where you can enjoy indie, pop and rock music. As well as enjoy acoustic concerts and guest DJs.

Obbio Club has become one of the trendiest clubs to enjoy Sevillian weekends. They have a great variety of shows and perform different theme parties.

In addition, Obbio is not satisfied with just being a discotheque; sometimes they do theater, cinema, exhibitions, and concerts of groups like The planets, The blonde Nancy’s, and Javiera Mena to name a few.


So, Are we going to Seville?

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