Our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca

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If we have to say one of the many reasons why Mallorca is one of our favourite destinations, because of the amazing natural landscapes that this island has for us to discover. And no matter what is the reason for our visit to this city, are we going to leave without knowing how the sun rises or goes out from the best places on the island? Here we leave you our 5 favourite viewpoints of Mallorca to enjoy the city until the day ends.


1. Cape Formentor

Our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca

Why enjoy amazing views only from the ground if we can take an incredible catamaran ride with sunset in Mallorca?

If we want to enjoy amazing views we have to go to the northern part of Mallorca, although it is true that it may be more crowded by tourists than other areas, it will be worth it for places as spectacular as this, the Mirador de Mal Pas . If already during the day the views are amazing, can you imagine what the sunset will be like?

On the clearest days we can climb the lighthouse tower and even see the island of Menorca from the highest point. Undoubtedly a picture that is worth visiting to enjoy one of the most incredible landscapes that we have ever dreamed of.


2. Verger Tower

Our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca 1

There is no better way to enjoy your time in Mallorca than to get a party bus or limousine with your friends and celebrate!

On this island it is very difficult to choose the best places to enjoy an unforgettable sunset, because each of its corners are special and wonderful, and the Sierra de Tramuntana is one of those places that we can not miss for anything if we want look for one of the best sunsets on the islands.

There are a lot of viewpoints, but the Mirador de Torre del Verger is in our top 5 of favourite viewpoints for reasons that can not be always explain in words, and sometimes, in this case at least, a picture is more than enough. This place will not leave anyone indifferent who wants to enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets in Mallorca.


3. Mondragó Natural Park

Our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca 2

Surely after enjoying a day in the Natural Park of Mondragó we still want to continue discovering amazing corners of this island. Another place that we can not miss during our visit is the Cuevas dels Hams. Let´s get the tickets now and do not wait any longer.

If it was already within our plans to visit the Natural Park of Mondragó we would love to know that, in Cala Mondragó besides walking through one of the best preserved places on this coast,  we can also see one of the most impressive sunrises and sunsets. A place where magic is everywhere and where we can experience and feel it by ourselves. Let’s stop dreaming of being inside this picture and let us be the ones who take it out!


4. Ses Barques
Our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca 3

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As we have said before, in the Sierra de Tramuntana there are millions of possibilities to not stop being amazed by the amount of viewpoints in any of its surroundings. But if we have to choose another viewpoint from which to enjoy exceptional views, we could never forget the Ses Barques Viewpoint. From this one, we will have at our feet one of the most beautiful villages of Mallorca and the Valley of Sóller. Both will leave us speechless … do we discover it?


5. Sa Foradada

Our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca 4

And if it seemed that the day ended well on the island … it can still end better if we get on board the boat party in Mallorca 4 hours of music in the middle of the sea! Are you going to miss it?

And for the last one we could not leave out of this list of our 5 favourite viewpoints in Mallorca without naming one of the most known and curious we can find on this island, is the Mirador de Na Foradada.

All those who want to enjoy good views must climb to this spectacular place, where we can peek through the peculiar hole in the rock, where the name of the place comes from. Neither more nor less than 18 meters in diameter by which to enjoy totally different views of the mountains. Who tells us that the next ones to sit on that balcony will not be us?


Let´s go to Mallorca

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