Malta’s best sunsets

by TheFunPlan

Planning the perfect school trip to Malta? There are moments in life we shouldn’t miss such as enjoying a spectacular sunset. Also, what better place is there to enjoy some images that give us goose bubmp than Malta? That’s why today we’re going to find Malta’s best sunsets and see which one we’ll stay with!

We’re sure there couldn’t be a better way to finish your trip to Malta in a day than watching the sunset!!

1. Bugibba

Malta's best sunsets 1

From any point along this walk, we can enjoy views that will give us goose bumps, while we watch the sun going down on the islands of St. Paul. Although one of the best points from where you’ll really enjoy it, is from the Sunset bar, where the bay will allow us to visualize an image that will remain for the memory.

2. Marfa

Malta's best sunsets 2

How about combining the best sunsets and the best beaches and coves in Malta? Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Located in the north of the island, on the cliffs of Paradise Beach. In addition, we can reach this area from Bugibba as there is a bus that connects directly from one point to the other. The bus that we’ll have to catch will be the 221 and once we arrive, from the stop we’ll have a walk of about 40 minutes to get to the area of the cliffs.

Also, this sunset has the peculiarity that we can see the sunset over the sea and the whole area of Gozo.

3. Golden Bay

Malta's best sunsets 3

In Malta (in June) the sun sets around 8.15pm and rises around 5am.

Another point on the island that we can also reach from Bugibba. All you have to do is take bus 223 and in about 15 minutes you will reach your destination. On the beach there is a bar where you can enjoy the sunset while having a drink, although the best view will have if we climb rocks that are just on the left hand.

4. La Valeta

Malta's best sunsets 4

From this point, in addition, there is an incredible boat party.

One of the parts where we’ll find more places to enjoy an unforgettable sunset. Although one of the least attractive points, is the one on Sliema in any area northwest of the Maltese capital, as the sun does not fall directly on the three islands but we have the opportunity to enjoy an image in completely different shades.

5. Gozo and Comino

Malta's best sunsets 5

Or why don’t we enjoy the breathtaking views while taking a boat ride? Malta offers this possibility, if we decide to take the ferry that goes from Gozo to Malta. And if we decide to spend a day in Gozo, is a good option to take the ferry at eight in the afternoon to delight with the orange color that will be on the spectacular island.

What do you think about Malta’s best sunsets? You know what they say… see to believe! So…

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