Malta in one day

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Surely many of you have thought about creating a getaway weekend to Malta before. And so, it is a great destination to go with your school trip , or just with your friends. In just a few short hours you will be in paradise… where besides enjoying magnificent beaches and having a great time, you can discover a thousand and one corners that will not leave you at awe. Are you ready to travel the island of Malta in one day with The Fun Plan? Lets begin!

In the morning

Malta in one day 1

If you want to make a perfect morning we just recommend you to visit the best beaches and coves in Malta.

Our first stop will be its capital: Valletta. So that you do not overlook any of its charms, we recommend that you visit it from the outside inwards. A good place to start your route can be the Fort of San Elmo, where you can surely get some great shots of the coast. You can continue along the main street of the city, Republic Street. Once you reach the end, you will find yourself in St. George’s Square. And, don’t hide it! we know that you are wishing to run towards its fountain and run your fingers through its waters. Will you be able to do it without getting your wet?

We hope you don’t get wet! because on the sides of this square are streets that lead you to the Palace of the Grand Master and the Manoel Theater. Which are the third oldest buildings in Europe! Also, near this is the Anglican Cathedral of San Paul, where its towers are a must see… you will have one of the best views of the island! Afterwards, we will end our tour of the capital in the Barrakka Gardens or the Upper Gardens,  and they will leave you speechless! Being located in the highest part of the wall you will get the best views of the port.

To end the morning, we recommend a boat trip. You can visit the islands of Gozo, Comino, and Blue Lagoon. Besides having a great time… you will have the opportunity to visit sites such as Dwejra Bay, also known as Azure Window. All in all, it will be one of the best experiences of your days in Malta!


Where to eat

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You might need some advice before to get there so have a look to this 10 tips for traveling to Malta in 2019.

Maltese cuisine is very influenced just like their language. Especially by the Turkish and Italian culture… so their most typical dishes have a mixture of both. Moreover, if you like fish, we recommend you to try lampuki, which is quite similar to gilthead and is the star dish of the island. One of the best places to taste it is Marsaxlokk.  In addition to being very good area to eat, you can take a nice walk outside where the boats are the icing on these beautiful views.

Another of its best known foods is the ftira; a bread that is usually filled with tuna, tomato, olives and pickles. And, to accompany it you cannot forget a Cisk! The Maltese favorite beer.

In the afternoon

Malta in one day

Besides all this beautiful locations if you fancy a fun afternoon you can get on board at the Boat Party in Malta.

With a full stomach, we suggest you take a walk through Mdina, the old capital of Malta. Lovers of the “Game of Thrones” series will surely recognize some of its streets, since several of its scenes have been shot here. For one, this is more than an enough reason to see it. But, if you do not know the series, you might start watching it because the minute you step foot in the city it is like a time machine back to the medieval era. It is also known as the “City of Silence,” so there are many who recommend a walk at dusk.

We propose that you finish your visit in the Cliffs of Dingli, where besides having a great feeling of freedom, you can admire a wonderful sunset. Surely you can get photos that postcards will envy!

At night

Malta in one day 5

Hey party lovers! Do not miss any detail about how to prepare yourself for the best night and go to Party in Malta.

Even though the sun has set, we still have many hours ahead of us! What is your style? Whatever it is, in Malta you will find a place where you can have a great and memorable night!

If you want to party in the capital, the St Julian district awaits you with open doors of its bars and pubs. You will be able to enjoy a night like a Maltese would. If you are one of those can stay put or like to do the most, do not settle for one! Enter all those pubs/bars/discos that you will find along the way. This is the only way to discover the authentic charm of Malta’s night.

On the contrary, if you are one of those who want to spend the whole night in the same place, do not worry. Bj’s Live Music Club is your place! Let yourself be surprised by their styles and theme parties. Every day of the week they have a different one!

Let´s go to Malta

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