Ideas for a hen weekend in Sevilla

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What would you think if we could combine the best things in the world? Hen party, Sevilla, and an amazing time! Well if we organize the Hen party in Sevilla, it is more than possible! Additionally, because this day has to be unforgettable, we have been thinking of a various ideas for a hen weekend in Sevilla, so we can see which one fits our friend best.

And because the surprises have to be at the disposal of any hen party, what do you think if we review these 10 original ideas for a hen weekend?

Beauty Partyideas for a hen weekend in sevilla

Who said taking care and pampering yourself wasn´t fun? And better yet, in a totally exclusive plan for you! We´re referring to a plan of makeup, manicures, and pedicures in an unforgettable beauty party! You can choose between a great variety of packages and treatments of what you will enjoy while you´re preparing for the night, the rhythm of drinks and your favorite things! Who´s ready?

Bollywood Workshop

ideas for a hen weekend in sevillaEveryone be prepared to move their body to the rhythm of Bollywood and belly dance! Because the second idea that we have the least we will do is move our hips, can you ask for something more fun for a hen party than a Bollywood workshop? Not only will we have the choreography prepared for the night of the party but for the night of the wedding as well because no one will have an excuse to not go out on the dance floor and give it their best with the bride.

Boat Ride
ideas for a hen weekend in sevilla

There´s nothing quite like spending a day in sevilla!

Does it occur to you that the best way to enjoy the “special environment” of Sevilla is to sail with your friends in a boat? The time has arrived to climb aboard and enjoy the spectacular boat ride across the Guadalquivir, a totally different way to explore the capital of Andalusia!

Wine Tasting

Ideas for a hen party in sevillaThe ever smiling Sevilla, I´m filled with joy discovering its great wineries! Because, what better plan for a hen party than visiting the Bodega Bicentenaria? Wine, guitar, lunch, song and dance, here is it more than possible! Welcome to the world of wine tourism!

Pub Crawl

ideas for a hen weekend in sevilla

If you like touring the bars of Sevilla you´ll love touring Madrid on our beer bike tour!

If we see we still have strength, what do you think of spending a day in sevilla? Who´s interested in finding the most emblematic nightlife spots in Sevilla? So let´s fasten our belts because this pub crawl proves to be only suitable for the bravest. We´ll start at 11 PM and we´ll dedicate the night to discovering three great bars on the capital as well as one of the best nightclubs.

Dinner with a Show

ideas for a hen weekend in sevilla

To really add some excitement to your night, you can always dress up in costumes!

The best of the plans for a night of a hen party! The perfect combination of traditional dishes from the area, rebujito to drink, and a night filled with shows. The whole night will be worry free and it will be all fun, just like Sevilla! And, it’s a dinner with a show of the most pure Andulasian style. Who´s coming?


ideas for a hen weekend in sevillaNights of glamour, mornings of salsa and hangovers! A limousine ride through the center of Sevilla is the prefect plan for showing of a night as special as a hen party. All this, to the rhythm of Lambrusco or cava, what else could you want! Additionally, if you want you can rent it both day and night, which suits everyone better.

If the high life is the only life you, check out our list of 5 luxury hen ideas.


ideas for a hen weekend in SevillaThis is to live a hen party in the purest style of Sevilla! On a horse and buggy! What else can you ask for? Let´s put on our best clothes, take our art, and get to know Sevilla. A plan for all of your interests and ages that will make this hen party the most original and fun! Let´s go!

Tapas Tour

Ideas for a hen party in Sevilla

Food and wine are two things everyone can enjoy, so why not consider this for your next mixed hen or stag party?

Who would be able to resist a delicious tour of tapas and wine in full Sevilla? Impossible, right? Well with this gourmet tour, even less will! For 3 hours, you´ll be able to enjoy not only the best dishes and wines but also a complete history lesson about Spanish gastronomy, at the hands of a guide who is a local expert. Ready to eat?


ideas for a hen weekend in sevillaWho´s interested by a plan with the most Flamenco? Filled with art in Triana! Never before had gastronomy, art, and partying gone so well together! But as you know, in Sevilla everything is possible and with everything, what happens in Triana, stays in Triana!

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