Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam

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It’s a city that has many surprising corners, great for the list of the best ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam: from the famous Red Quarter, through the Flower Market, its big squares where you can taste the refreshing taste of a beer, to its parks where you can rest or the district of Leisdeplein, where you can breathe the modern art of street artists who flourish in the streets of old Europe.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, better start at the beginning, shall we? You get to Amsterdam, and then what? The first step is to get to the city centre, and there are several ways to do it… You will be able to choose the train, uber, or even organize a transfer to be able to arrive all together, that takes you directly to leave all the things and thus to be able to begin the adventure as soon as possible.

And leave them where? You may be wondering… Well, that’s what we’ve also been thinking about, because although it’s not a very big city, we believe that it’s always better to stay in the city centre so that accessibility to all parts is easier, less time is wasted going from one side to the other and you’ll enjoy it a thousand times more. 😉

Here are the best ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam.

Highland games

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 1

Ready for a regression to the times of the ancient Scots? With the highland games it’s the time to become a little brute, take out our most primitive self and test it with activities such as pulling the rope, archery, placing the stone or four-round race … among others.

Ready to determine who’s the “macho” of them all?

Cruise ride

Despedia de soltero Amsterdam

One of the best ways for you to get off to a good start is to go on board a route through the canals. Imagine yourself in this fun cruise with music, something to eat, beers in hand and if you dare, with a stipper giving it all.

Undoubtedly, this is the best option so that you can combine getting to know every corner of the city without missing any detail, with starting the party from the beginning of the day. You will find the West Tower, Anne Frank’s house, the bridges, the old port or the typical stepped façades that will appear in this walk.

Barbecue at the park

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 2

What do you say we get some strength? A little peace in the midst of the whirlwind of adventures you’ll be living will be necessary, right? Well, what better way to do it than with a barbecue in the park?

Because there’s nothing like eating outdoors to enjoy the good weather and a bit of relaxation so necessary for everything that’s still to come; we’re at a stag party after all! Although a nap under a tree is allowed…

Bubble football

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 3

In the best ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam we could’t miss a fit side, what do you say we give a sportier touch to the party?

Discover this sport in a way you’ve never experienced before, with bubble football anything is possible! The more faults… the better! It’s so difficult to commit them, that it’ll become the new goal for all the members of both teams.

And what do you think of betting on each other? The dinner of the losing team plus the dinner of the winning team… How does that sound to you? 😉


Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 4

Let’s start engines and put our sense of competitiveness to the limit, do you dare with a kart race?

Just visualize yourselves: what would it be like to bet the beers of the night with the opposing team, give everything on the track, win and drink all night at the expense of your friends… Apart, of course, from the satisfaction of having won. Will you get it? 😉

Beer bike

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 5

The favourite method of transport for young Europeans in the country, where cycling has become a philosophy of life, the beer bike offers you an alternative to get to know the city.

Undoubtedly a refreshing and a little exhausting way to enjoy a different tour, where you’ll be the center of attention. You know: tourism, beer and a little exercise, can you think of a healthier plan?

Coffee shops

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 6

To get to know the heart of Amsterdam, its true atmosphere and where the tribute to plants has become one of the reasons why groups choose the city as their destination, coffee shops are the right place.

For the locals it is a way of life, which we can learn from the hand of a guide who answers all those questions that always arise, such as legislation or cultivation.

Pub Crawl

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 7

As the sunset approaches, it’s time to start warming up, the best way for you to be part of the Amsterdam atmosphere is to take a pucb crawl that takes you to the best bars and clubs in the city. A walk where you can taste the best beers made by hand along with the most usual ones. Also, with a little luck you can enjoy live music as they are very typical concerts in these places.

Amsterdam’s nightlife

Ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam 8

The nights in Amsterdam are long…what better way to start it in such an emblematic place? Imagine how interesting a tour of the Red Light District where they will tell you their story as you walk through the neon lights, the shop windows and the multitude of coffee shops and bars.

There are many areas where you can go out, especially during the night where the party becomes the real protagonist of your stag party. There are many clubs where you can enjoy the party, we recommend the 5 best clubs in Amsterdam. These areas are the square Rembrandt and Leidsplein that have a more modern image and is where the best clubs such as Arena, The Power Zone or Escape.

These are some of the ideas for a stag party in Amsterdam, but as we always recommend in The Fun Plan the most important thing is to adapt the activities to your tastes and especially to the type of party you want to celebrate.

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