Ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

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Whether you´re more interested by rebujito or paella, a hen weekend with your best friends in the City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia) is the perfect plan! Who´s interested? The moment has arrived to go to the beach in a completely Mediterranean climate. And why not organize a hen weekend in Valencia?! Additionally, if you´re having trouble finding original plans you can always take a look at these ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia and let´s see if the bulb lights up!

And just so there aren´t any surprises, what do you think about reviewing these 10 original ideas for a hen weekend?

Boat Ride

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

Don´t forget you can always turn this boat ride into a boat party and go all night!

What should you do if both the bride and you want more of an aquatic experience for the hen weekend? Our custom plan to celebrate the end of single life is a boat ride. The best way to welcome the arrival of good weather. What do you think? Without a doubt, the bride will adore you and no one will forget the day. A bit of cava or champagne, soak up the sun, try the best food on board, and why not? A small adventure, let´s hit the sea! And if you want a more spicy experience, then don’t forget to bring a stripper on board!

Beach Party

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect destination for your next hen or stag weekend.

To raise the flag on the high seas, to dock and come closer to the beach, in just a jump! In Valencia all of this and much more is possible! Who´s up for a beach party? Experience a great menu, relax and enjoy the sun in an incredible Balinese bed, cup in hand and dance until the sun goes down! Now you´re only missing one thing, choose the beach that you love the most!

Dance Workshop

ideas for a hen in Valencia

Do you like to dance and listen to different styles of music? Then our best plan for your hen weekend is dance workshop! For an hour and a half you´ll be moving your hips to the rhythm of the best oriental or Tahitian music (whichever you like best). And there won´t be any excuse to not give it your best shot in the best nightclubs in Valencia.

Dinner and a Show

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

Do you want a night with a bit of comedy? How about one that’s a little spicy? How would you feel about our dinner and a show? The perfect combination of good comedy, beer, an unforgettable show, and finish by giving it your all at a local nightclub! Never before has there been a dinner as unforgettable, different, and original! Additionally, if you want to have the bride red all night, we can always add a few costumes, a private and organize it according to the bride´s taste!

Winery Tour and Tasting

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

And now, let´s go on an underground adventure! Tasting of wines, try a great variety of gourmet sausages and a little bit of dancing, because that way the hen weekend will taste better! Not only that, but additionally, this wine cellar has something that makes it very special and it´s that it is surrounded by pine forests, aromatic shrubs, and holm oaks with vineyards that have diverse clusters each autumn for a great harvest.

Beauty Party

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

Manicures, pedicures, a little bit of make-up…and maybe a few glasses of champagne. Escape the tiring work life and relax, it´s never been better! Additionally, you and the bride both deserve to pamper yourselves a little (or a lot) from time to time and because feeling Carrie Bradshaw is unbeatable, that’s why a beauty party is one of the best options for a hen weekend!

Party on Catamaran

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

The aquatic plans are the highlight of the day! And so it´s a party on catamaran with food of the coast of Valencia, what a plan! Music, catering and drinks, the best selection to celebrate a hen weekend, catch a tan and welcome the summer as it deserves! And so nothing slows down, you´ll sing with a DJ that will entertain and encourage you all day!

There´s never a shortage of things to do in Valencia!


Paella Course

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

After you learn how it´s made, come kick back with us and and enjoy a catamaran paella party!

Who said that a day between stoves can´t be fun? The perfect hen weekend that you can add a touch of sweet, salt, or spice! For tastes and colors (or so they say). Additioanlly, the grace of this cooking workshop? We won´t cook any dish but we´ll learn the intricacies of the authentic Valencian paella! The best dish to conquer even the most exquisite palate.

Midday Brunch

ideas for a hen weekend in Valencia

The best remedy for the indulgences of the night, without a doubt! Because not only will you find the best brunch in Valencia, but also with this hybrid of breakfast, lunch, and snack, you can sleep more on the weekends! And hey, a few more hours of sleep, who doesn´t love that? Or better, it can be the perfect excuse for the party to keep going! Which one gets your attention more?

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