Ideas for a hen weekend in Malta

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Does our best friend marry and we still do not know where to celebrate the bachelorette party? Well, there’s no need to worry about it, solved! Malta trip is the answer!! How about a place where there are more than 300 sunny days a year, crystal clear waters, great gastronomy, and the best night clubs in Europe? It does not sound good, it sounds amazing! Through the following ideas for a hen party in Malta, we will understand why it is one of the best destinations we can choose to celebrate the end of the single life of our best friend.


What awaits us in Malta?

In this paradise located in the Mediterranean Sea, the best places to relax await us, from white sandy beaches to oriental treatments in spas. Not to mention how much we can have fun and laugh doing the different water activities. Can you imagine the bride doing paddle surfing for the first time? Who will be the first to fall into the water?

What else is waiting for us on this island? A big party on a boat! With lunch and open bar on board while enjoying the best views of Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon. Of course, you can not miss the best recommendations for eating on the island, we tell you what are the best restaurants to eat with your friends in Malta and for sure, where to end the party at night. Ready? Here we go …


1.  Places to relax

Ideas for a hen weekend in Malta

There is nothing more amazing than discover the best beaches and coves in Malta. Many amazing places are hide waiting for us to discover them …


As soon as we step on the island, what do we want? Sun, beach and relax to gather strength before the party begins. So we just have to take the bikini, sunscreen and sunglasses because this island will do the rest for us. One of the most spectacular beaches of the archipelago where we can go to enjoy beautiful views and get tanned is located northwest of Malta, the famous Golden Bay Beach. Its name is given by the golden color of its sand and it does not need anything more than the best company of our friends to enjoy a day at the sun on the beach.

 Swimming pool

But if we get bored of the beach we have a perfect alternative where we can keep swimming and relaxing with our friends. It is the Café del Mar of Oawra, a very interesting restaurant where they have infinity pools overlooking the sea. A-WE-SO-ME


And finally, something that the bride will love, and that we accompany her for sure, too, is to visit one of the many spas located around the islands where you can relax to the fullest. One of the best known spa´s group in the island is Myoka, where we can enjoy oriental treatments and massages that will leave us as new to face the rest of our hen party.


2. Diving

Ideas for a hen weekend in Malta 1

This amazing place in the Mediterranean besides being the ideal place to celebrate a hen party, is more than perfect to venture and take the step towards activities in the water that, for whatever reason, until now we have not dared or maybe we have not had the opportunity. Malta is the place to go on an adventure, and feel the tranquility of the sea …

The warm waters of the Mediterranean and the beauty of the Maltese coast are two perfect ingredients to have a unique  diving experience and ensure a great dat with our friends at the hen party.


3. Boat partyIdeas for a hen weekend in Malta 2

If we do not want to miss anything important in Malta, from day to night, we should stop a minute and have a look to this post Malta in a day ¡we will love it!

We can not think of a better plan for our weekend than giving it all at a boat party in Malta, and what is party like?

  • Free drinks during all navigation.
  • Dj on board playing the best music.
  • Food on board to recharge our energy.
  • Stop for visit Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon or St’s Paul’s Island.
  • Stop  to give us a swim during the night to the rhythm of the music.
  • Pizza, Sandwiches and dinner fruit.
  • Landing to go to the best night clubs where we will have 1 free drink.

We are already imagining it … and more than one is preparing the suitcase, right? Undoubtedly, this is a plan that never fails in a hen party. It is a super cool experience to do with friends and for sure we will remember forever.

But if we want something more calm, we have the option of doing a boat trip. A more chilled experience where we can visit the islands of Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon.


4. Maltese cuisine 

Ideas for a hen weekend in Malta 3

Getting nervous before the trip through the Mediterranean? Calm girls, a lot of calm, cause we´ll tell you 10 tips for traveling to Malta in 2019.

Maltese cuisine is very influenced, like their language, by Turkish and Italian culture, so their most typical dishes have a mixture of both. Fish lovers can not leave the island without trying the lampuki, which is quite similar to the gilthead and is the star dish of the island.

One of the best places to taste it is Marsaxlokk, where in addition to very good places to eat, we can take a pleasant walk observing the famous and beautiful boats. Another of its best known foods is the ftira, a bread that is usually filled with tuna, tomato, olives and pickles. And to accompany, do not miss a Cisk! The Maltese favorite blonde beer.

One of our favorite places to enjoy the sunset while enjoying a Cisk, and delicious dishes in one of the many restaurants with terraces overlooking the sea, such as the MedAsia or the Caviar & Bull.


5. Party in Paceville

Ideas for a hen weekend in Malta 4

All the singles and party ladies! Very attentive because the best Party in Malta are waiting for us with the most international and varied atmosphere that we have never seen … are you ready? Let the party begin!


Within La Valletta, which is part of the capital of Malta is the neighborhood of St Julian, and it is in this area where we find a lot of bars and pubs open until the morning. Specifically in the area of ​​Paceville is where all the party of the island is concentrated … without a doubt, it is the best area of ​​the city where to start the night, there are a lot of bars to choose from, and almost all of free entrance and affordable prices.

There are also discos located a little further away from the city center, which can be accessed free of charge thanks to the buses that leave from Paceville … here we leave you our favorites!


Bj´s Live Music Club

If we had to choose between all the clubs in Malta, one more than mandatory stop is to go to Bj’s Live Music Club, located on Ball Street. This place is outside of what we are used to … In it, every day of the week you can enjoy a different style of music! What will be our favourite day of the week in this club?


If we want to change a little the atmosphere and to know new places where there is also a lot of party we can get closer to the town of Rabat, very close to Valletta. There you will find the disco Gianpula, with a capacity for 4,000 people and three different rooms, it becomes the largest outdoor night club in Malta. It opens every Friday and Saturday during the summer.


Another option we have is to approach the small town of San Gwann, also near Malta. There, the disco Aria awaits us, famous for its pool parties. In Malta … Bikini up at night!

La Grotta

What if the bride wants a special party in a unique place? Well, there’s more to talk about. We take a boat and go to the Island of Gozo. There is also a lot of atmosphere with lots of places to party and enjoy the Maltese night. But our favourite is La Grotta, an incredible outdoor disco where we can dance and give it all at the same time we enjoy incredible views all around.


More ideas for a hen weekend?

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