Ideas for a Hen Weekend in Mallorca

by TheFunPlan

How would you feel if you moved to an island to celebrate your hen weekend? Well the moment has arrived to chase that feeling and travel to Mallorca! Only that this time the excuse will be different, but who are we kidding? Whatever the excuse is, it´s always good to turn on celebration mode! And for that, it´s a hen weekend in Mallorca. So today we´re reviewing a few ideas for a hen weekend in Mallorca.

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Jet Skis

hen weekend in Mallorca

Who doesn´t like a little fast and furious action in life? The best way to survive the heat of those long summer months is obvious. If you want a “light” of adrenaline, then a day on jet skis is perfect for you! The perfect plan to disconnect from the day to day life, relax and have fun while sailing the waves of the sea. The best part? We know all the remote points on the island to make it an incredible day.

Boat party

hen weekend in Mallorca

Boat parties are without a doubt the most sought after plan this year! Is it because it´s one of the best ways to welcome the good weather? For the unforgettable moments? Or because of the adventure of taking on the sea? Whatever it may be, the day will be unforgettable, filled with surprises and with a glass of cava in your hand. Who´s interested?

Catamaran Ride

hen weekend in Mallorca

If you want to spend a day on the water but are looking for something a bit more relaxing, the catamaran ride is just for you! Some beers, your favourite music, and if you want a more exciting experience you can even bring a stripper on board. This event can be as exciting or tranquil as you´d like, although with a captain on board it´s hard to resist!

Under the Sea Adventure

hen weekend in Mallorca

If you need help getting here, we´ll book your airport transfer for you so you can focus on fun and sun!

Fun and an under the sea adventure have never been together quite like this! The southeast region of Mallorca and its surroundings enjoy the privilege of having smooth and crystal clear waters, with one of the richest ecosystems of Mediterranean wildlife and a great variety of incredible submarine landscapes, as well as caves and cliffs. You´ll see everything from groupers, to corvinas, mulberries, and much more! In short, an incredible snorkelling experience with a trained supervisor.

Spa Day

hen weekend in Mallorca

Because not everything has to be a night of wild parties and sometimes the moments we enjoy the most are those when we relax and disconnect form our daily lives. What are we referring to? An exclusive spa day for you and your friends, where you can enjoy every type of massage, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, and other activities such as vapor rooms, saunas and even chocolate wraps!


hen weekend in Mallorca

Because until we meet our friends we know how it will start but not how they can end, especially if there´s a tuppersex in the middle! All the attention will be directed at the bride to be. A bag filled with surprises and a specialist in the field will be there to draw numerous products and articles…because the best thing to know is oneself.

Gin and Tonic Course

hen weekend in Mallorca

A special hen weekend for only the most creative people! But this time over glasses of gin and tonic! It´s time to give the night a touch of fun while learning how to make the most requested cocktail at the moment. Because despite its popularity and how simple it seems to perform, many people fail to reach the perfect combination.


hen weekend in Mallorca

Who doesn´t want to be queen of the racetrack for a day? Or better yet, to live life in the fast lane and in pure speed? Have you realized that one of the best ways to release all that adrenaline is by giving it your all on the inside of a formula 1 track in a Go-Kart circuit? Overtaking, speed and competition to have an unforgettable experience. With Mario and Luigi on our side, all we´ll be missing is the turtles!

Paddle Boarding

hen weekend in Mallorca

Because falling into the water in full summer months can be a pleasure! Like admiring the sunset in Mallorca, from the center of the sea it may seem like a dream. Well, this is more possible than you think since we only have to organize an exclusive paddle boarding class and long live the hen weekend! For those who aren’t familiar, paddle boarding is a new sport that consists of maintaining your balance on a board and moving with a paddle. Simple, right?

On Wheels

hen weekend in Mallorca

Remember that if you´d rather cruise the seas than the streets we have a Fun Plan for you too!

Last but certainly not least, a hen weekend on wheels! Who´s interested in a day of pure Carrie Bradshaw style? Queens of the night, a limousine ride is the most pure style and with a glass of cava in your hand while visiting the most emblematic places of the city. Come on, this will truly be a night to remember!

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