Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam

by TheFunPlan

Girls! Your friend’s getting married! What a thrill! But first, as an unwritten law, we have to honor this moment by dedicating her a few days of absolute crazyness, and what better way than by choosing some of the ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam?

You’re probably wondering why some ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam, aren’t you? Because it’s the most complete city for fun activities during the day and it’s also the party capital of excellence, which fills the night with adventures. It’s a great plan and you know it.

Barbecue in the park

Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 1

For those spring months when the sun begins to show a little more, the days are longer, and we are all happier, imagine a morning in Amsterdam, with your friend disguised in the most outrageous way you can think of to be the center of attention, making her go around the city so that she feels the most protagonist of the moment…. Fun, isn’t it?

Well, the idea can still be improved! In the midst of all the laughter you’ll have to save some time to eat… And what better way to do it than with a barbecue in the park? Because there is nothing like eating outdoors to enjoy the good weather and the little bit of relaxation; because we should leave the more formal and enclosed meals for other occasions, shouldn’t we?

We also know that you are going to love the atmosphere of everyone enjoying a barbecue in the park, beer or sangria in hand and watching the typical bikes pass, with the awesome plus that in this barbecue, you aren’t going to have to get your hands even a little dirty, everything will be ready when you arrive and will be collected when you leave. You will look like royalty without moving a finger!

Pole dance

Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 2

If you’re the kind of people that hears any kind of music and run off to the dance floor to give it all, this workshop is for you! You are the most animated, the ones who dare with everything, even with the new and different. Let the signs, streetlights and traffic lights of the city tremble! Our girls have learned a new way of dancing. 😉

It’s so great because you’re going to start by getting a little tuned up by toasting the bride with a glass of wine, you know… To encourage yourself and to remove any last minute embarrassments. To spend some of the most entertaining time and also to learn a complete choreography of pole dance. Laughter is practically guaranteed 😉

Limousine ride

Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 3

If the idea is to give a chic touch to your hen party, a private limousine ride is a must! Because in addition to enjoying all the luxuries that a limousine offers, you’ll be exploring Amsterdam, two birds with one stone! With the added bonus that you’ll feel like real stars as you’re the centre of attention, there’s nothing better to make the bride to be feel very special.


Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 4

If what you are looking for is to test bride while you have a good time and get to know the city in a different way, the gymkhana in Amsterdam is made for you.

How fun it’d be to disguise yourselves as detectives! To get into the role and solve all the tests of this entertaining game that takes place throughout the city. Prepare the magnifying glasses! That the clues will be hidden everywhere and you will have to have very good eye 😉

Canals tour

Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 5

Amsterdam is the second city of canals par excellence (always after Venice), and taking advantage of that characteristic of the city for a bachelorette party can’t be a better idea!

What do you think of your little private party on a canal cruise? This way you will be able to tour the city in a different way while you get in tune and then continue with the party.

Beer bike

Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 6

It is no secret that Amsterdam is characterized by a very long cycling tradition, and is also one of the largest producers (and consumers) 😉 of beer. So we thought that combining the two had to be the most fun, and you know what? We weren’t a bit wrong!

The beer bike is an opportunity to disguise the bride of something interesting to get it to be the center of all eyes, while having a great time, getting in tuned up to continue with the party.

Amsterdam’s night

Ideas for a hen party in Amsterdam 7

We don’t want you to miss out a sigle second of the city’s life, that’s why we recommend the top 5 clubs in Amsterdam

If you’re looking to experience the party and nightlife in Amsterdam, the best option is the nightlife pass, which allows you to enter 11 clubs and a free drink in 8 of them, great to give it all and end up with a perfect day of nonstop celebrations.

The thing is that no matter what you do, choosing the number of activities you want, you are going to have a great time! And before we finish our ideas for hen party in Amsterdam, we wanted to recommend that you don’t miss the opportunity to visit a coffee shop, which is one of the strongest points in Amsterdam 😉

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