Ideas for a day of team building in Porto

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Today, is your lucky day because here are some ideas for a day of team building in Porto. Time to leave your comfort zone behind. For, you and your team will leave the office for a few days to work on skills and strengthen values such as coordination, creativity, motivation, and/or leadership skills.

After days filled with questions and speculations about what will happen this weekend, you finally arrive at the hotel where you will stay for the next few days. You can take brief shower to relax after your trip and then have casual dinner by the Ribiera de Porto? After, everyone to rest. Tomorrow will start a day full of new sensations.

In the morning: A little adrenaline

It activities commence on Saturday. Your phone will ring. A call from reception will give you the first clue of what is going to happen. After, you have 30 minutes to meet in the hotel lobby dressed in comfortable clothes and sports shoes! Any ideas of what will come next?

You will work on coordination, strategy, teamwork, and communication in a very different way.


What do you believe they will think when they discover that their next challenge is in a raft? Welcome to your next “work” environment: You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to achieve your goal.

What is more complicated? Conduct the briefing for a new client or travel 7 kilometers of the Tâmega river? Both activities require great teamwork (in this case, 7 or 8 people) and coordination. Take advantage of the quieter areas of the river to choose who can lead and give all the necessary information so that when you get to the rapids everything is under control.


If rafting develops coordination, paintball improves team strategy. In a group you will have to identify the objective, feel comfortable with one another, and study the optimal way to achieve victory.

The strategy, coordination and communication are the strong points that will stand out throughout the activity.

Whoever works best on each of these aspects and has greater coordination will be the one who wins the victory. Are you ready?

Sailboat race

If  you are looking for a mix of improvements in communication, leadership, teamwork and motivation for your team building activity than a sailing race is the activity you need to develop each of these values.

Ideas for a day of team building in Porto4

The Douro River will welcome you in its waters. Also, you will be divided into teams of 5 people and will set sail in a sailboat. In addition, you will also see some of the best views of Porto.

A unique experience in which you will empathize insistently with your colleagues.

You will start with a brief lesson in which a professional skipper will give you some of the tips to follow to get the first to the goal. After, you will have first contact with the boat, and then the race begins! Here, it is time to demonstrate all your skills in the face of unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We advise you to try all the roles that can be performed on a sailboat. So, you can choose who is able to perform each of the activities better and coordinate to be the first to arrive.

Gymkhana game

If you prefer that your team works on communication in a different environment from the sea there is an option within the city of Porto that can not be missed in this team building. It will help you improve your communication skills, get to know its streets, and emblematic places such as the Liberta Square, the San Bento train station and, of course, the Ribeira area.Ideas for a day of team building in Porto5

Your team expects that typical visit in which they can take a couple of photos, but that stops here! Before you cross the first traffic light, an entertainer will appear by surprise and, in a matter of seconds, there will be a new team division. Start of the gymkhana! Every corner of Porto keeps a secret that only you can find.

Must be very attentive to each of the tracks, because among all you will have to find the relationship and solution to all the riddles of this incredible city associated with philosophy. The two hours of playtime, they will fly by!

Midday: Rest of the warrior

After a morning of adrenaline, it’s time to rest and recover strength. We changed the stage and this time we all will sit together around a table. Where will you eat today?

  • D. Tonho House: Located in the Ribeira, it is the perfect place to eat in groups with spectacular views in the background.
  • Ora Viva Restaurant: If you are looking for typical Portuguese food in a cozy and intimate atmosphere, Ora Viva can not miss.
  • Cooking workshop: Everyone at the stove! This afternoon you will have to develop a full Portuguese menu. For 2 and a half hours, you will form a new team, this time in the kitchen. Following the instructions of a professional chef, you will cook for the rest of your classmates. You will coordinate and you will distribute the work in the best way. Finished cooking? to the table! It’s time to taste all the dishes and compare. What will be the best dish?

In the afternoon

You will get lost in Aveiro, a unique environment that will make you forget the rush of the city and the stress.

Sailboat ride

Surely, nobody on your team expected a catering on the shores of the Atlantic. You will have at your disposal 3 hours on the high seas. In addition to enjoying a good meal as a group, you will have unbeatable views of the city of Porto.

Visit to winery with a fado show

Ideas for a day of team building in Porto11

It is time to toast for the new relationships that have been created and for the next challenges we will face together. It’s also time to relax in a unique cellar where you’ll start with a visit. Additionally, you’ll know first-hand how it works and the secrets behind a bottle of wine. With maximum professionalism, they will explain how to differentiate the different wines, their aromas, and textures to later test you with a tasting. Are your palates ready? Be very attentive to all the details, because you are once familiar with this particular drink, you will be the ones who will have to put into practice everything learned by making your own wine.

Porto beer bike

The funniest way to coordinate your team! For 90 minutes and groups of 15 people, you will pedal together nonstop through the most popular streets of Porto. Leaving from the Mercado de Foz and to the Jardim do Passeio Alegre, you will enjoy the company of your work colleagues while you drink some beers, sangria, or cool drinks.

Gin and Tonic tasting

From time to time we all have to make a small metamorphosis and demonstrate our most versatile side. That’s why today we are going to change the every day tie for a bow tie and we will turn you into real barmen.

Success is in the effort you put into the details.

We will tell you the right keys to achieve a perfect gin and tonic. From aromas, brands, fruits, essences, and seeds… If you achieve balance among all its ingredients, there will be no gin and tonic that will you cannot handle.

Dinner time

After a very intense afternoon, the time has come for you to sit down together, and enjoy what makes Porto a special city. Its food!

We recommend the Taberna do Manel, where in addition to eating some of the most traditional Portuguese dishes and receiving warm welcomes, you will have unbeatable views.

Night time

The time has come for you to know Porto in another way. because, if there is something that this city has, there are different party areas and clubs where you can have a few drinks in a group. You can choose between four zones:

  • Baixa: It is the fashionable area and has a special charm since it is in the historic center. It is the perfect place for the first drink, a caipirinha or a Super Bock. Additionally, in Rua Cândido dos Reis, you can find PLANO B an old textile store with two floors where you can enjoy live musical performances.
  • Ribeira: A classic area that can not be missed. How many times have you been drinking in a World Heritage site? You will have dozens of terraces to choose from.
  • Foz do Douro: It is an area full of contrasts where you will find from the typical Portuguese bars, to the most famous clubs in the city. What do you think of a reservation in one of these clubs?

Return home

The time has come to repack your suitcases and save everything you took from this day of team buiding in Porto. Such as: memories, companions, and skills. You will go down to the hall with the idea of having a quick breakfast and going home, but there is still one last surprise …

Gold brooch: breakfast outdoors at the Jardim do Morro.

Coffee, juice, something to snack on and an insurmountable panorama of the city.

Porto is a perfect city to organize any form of team builiding. If you are looking for a way to surprise your team, at The Fun Plan you will find a professional team that will help you prepare the perfect event, taking care of each detail to guarantee success.

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