How to organize a team building journey with success

by TheFunPlan

Are you thinking about organizing a team building day with the intention of surprising your team? During a couple of days you have invested a lot of your time to inform yourself about the different options that exist: activities, destinations, objectives … With so much variety the doubts begin. such as, how to have a complete day full of activities, or even in some cases a weekend. You want to make sure your group has a good time, and stay active without any uncertainty throughout the duration of the activities…

Even planning the accommodations, restaurants, activities … can be difficult to coordinate at times. Especially if its for 20, 60, or more than 100 people.

However, to avoid these stressful moments or releave tension, The Fun Plan has created some tips on how to organize a team building journey with success.

What is the purpose?

A fundamental part to organize a team building activity for many people  is to be clear about the purpose to be achieved through this journey. At this point we can differentiate two parts:


Do all the different areas of your team not know each other? It is understandable… you are a big team. Do they communicate through mail, telephon etce … But they have never shared the same space together? In this case, the objective of the activities are to improve the informal relationships of the team and create closer links that are long lasting.

how to organize a team building journey with success

The best group activity are where shame and embaressment are set aside. Activities like flashmobs, or playbacks contests are perfect to organize.

Another objective that your team building journey can pursue is to increase the motivation of the team. One of the most recommended dynamics is, for example, a laughter therapy workshop. We will achieve a relaxed and familiar atmosphere in a matter of minutes.

how to organize a team building journey with success1

If your goal of the trip is oriented to develop skills such as communication, team coordination, leadership development, or encourage creativity than there are many experiences to perform in a group. From gymkhanas in the office itself, to a sailboat race, or a gospel workshop.


You have been working on a project for a long time… many hours of work, and meetings. The day of the final presentation arrives and the result is a success.

how to organize a team building journey with success2This is the time for you and your team to have fun and disconnect.

A good break idea is to rent a catamaran, and set sail in the middle of the sea. Let some mojitos accompany you alongside the best views of the coast. The options are endless!


What factors should I keep in mind?

Number of people

A very important factor when planning a team building session is the number of people that will attend. The closer to proximation the much better you will have an idea of how well the dynamics will go.

how to organize a team building journey with success3

From groups of 10, up to 300 people or more; the options are numerous. Gymkhana games by teams, relays, bubble football games, boat rental in which to gather all your team …Each member can be motivated to have a successful time!


how to organize a team building journey with success4The better you know your team the easier it will be to choose activities.

One of the most important features is to know what you or your team likes to do for leisure. Do you like adventure? Or, do you prefer something quieter? How about a rental of a SUV/RV? With this information it will be much easier to choose between multi-adventure activities, such as rafting or paintball. Or, how about winemaking, where wineries take center stage and you can have a tasting.


A themed breakfast based on the time of year can take just over an hour and be a perfect idea to take a break and introduce new colleagues.

If you have some more time, you can dedicate half a day to team building. You can take a break to the theater, have a circuit,  or go to the park. Any place near the office can be a good idea! What do you think about doing a gymkhana in the city center?

Or why not have a full team building weekend. You can take a break from your routine and change your area. You can go search for an environment you are not accustomed to. The coast, mountain, or an exotic place… Everything depends on how far we want to go (and how much time we have).


At first, the choice of destination may seem one of the simplest tasks, but in reality that is the most difficult part. Do we want to be in the City center? Outskirts? The coast? In nature?

The easiest option is to make the journey in your own city. The alternatives are endless. And, it is not necessary to be in places like Madrid, Barcelona, London… At any location there is a perfect activity to perform.

If you want to leave your usual environment behind, there are different destinations that will offer you exceptional characteristics. What do you think about knowing the Portuguese culture through a cooking workshop in Lisbon? Or know what it feels like to live through a Volvo match race in Valencia like a true sailor? How a chosen option is a team building in Bratislava where you will have a weekend of culture and sport.


If there is something essential in a good day of team building is to customize each of the details…

How? By allowing your staff to undergo series of team building exercises or tests. For example, through gymkhana games or mindfulness workshops that focus on objectives and the best way to achieve them.

Our final goal always has to be focused on achieving the satisfaction of the team through each of the dynamics and motivate each member. By doing this, the feeling of returning home will be positive.

how to organize a team building journey with success 9

Every detail counts in these forms of events. That’s why add-ons count when planning a company event. Such as, personalized t-shirts with the logo, anti-stress balls, mats, or backpacks…a few objects that once the day is over, each person can take home as a reminder of it.

After these tips it should be much easier for you to choose the perfect team building activity for your group. And remember, any activity is much more fun and unforgettable if done in a distant or exotic place where the participants have never been!


The company philosophy, your strengths, objectives … Our team is specialized in creating the perfect balance between these factors and the activity chosen. We can help you to portray the corporate image that you wish to show your employees in a dynamic and enjoyable way. Let’s Begin!

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