Go Kart Circuits for Stag Weekends in Spain

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Go karting is one of the most demanded ideas for stag parties, since we all like driving like Fernando Alonso. For that reason we’ll tell you the hottest destinations and circuits in Spain where you can take the wheel!  These are the best Go Kart circuits for stag weekends in Spain.

Circuits in Madrd

Karting Spain

We also have options available for Karting for team building in Madrid!

Karting Soto

One of the most recognized tracks on a national level. You must have at least 8 people to join this race. Do you want to know how it feels to ride? You will have a first round (“manga”) of training and times and you will test your skills in a race where you can compete with colleagues. The price is between 28 and 45 euros per person depending on the time you want to be driving.

Karting Indoor Xanadu

This track has its ups and downs, curves, and even a bridge that will leave you breathless. This track is covered in asphalt making it perfect rain, shine, or even snow. If you have 10 or more friends you can organize your own race. With more than 12 you’ll divide into two groups. The races all last 8 to 10 minutes.

Carlos Sainz Center

You can’t choose a better circuit to test your Formula 1 skills. What better than Carlos Sainz to inspire you? One of the best circuits indoor and outdoor in Europe. It has two tracks to choose from so you won’t be disappointed.

Circuits in Valencia

Karting Spain

Here are 5 more ideas for a stag weekend in Valencia.

Chicharra Karts (Alicante)

The largest layout of the Valencian Community and rebuilt by the fans themselves with their own hands. Not only will you find a circuit but also a restaurant with 3 forks, an industrial printer, a factory and even a tourist train. Much more than a circuit! To take advantage of the Chicharra experience you must be at least 5 people, although if you are more than 10 people you will have a cheaper price. You will feel like true winners since the winners of the final round have a prize, and the boyfriend participates for free!

BeniKarts (Castellón)

They have a starting grid of up to 20 karts in a circuit of 940 meters. You can choose between doing a round or dreaming with two full laps to the circuit with ceremony and celebration included. In the same circuit, Juan Santos trains his motorsport team.

Karting Oliva (Valencia)

In this small Valencian town you’ll find a circuit known throughout Spain. The Vives family has been linked to the world of motorsports with a circuit that has hosted the world champion team in 2012, a pilot school and a go-karting service. In your stag party you can enjoy 3 career possibilities: a Mega Race of 3 rounds with podium, anthem and champagne included; a GP simulation in 3 rounds; a Mini GP of 2 batches and a GP Express of 1 Tanda.

Circuits in Barcelona

Karting Spain

After a winner is crowned, spend the rest of your time in Barcelona experiencing an awesome stag party!

Karting Parc Motor

Unique in Barcelona and a reference circuit throughout Europe. Designed by the World Motorcycling Champion Dani Pedrosa, here you can feel like real motor racing cracks. You have the opportunity to relive a Grand Prize from a Briefing to the final ceremony. Of course, to get a special offer you must be at least 11 people celebrating.

Karting Sallent

With a length of 1490 meters, it is one of the largest circuits in Spain, and in Europe! You will hallucinate with the organization: 3 sleeves of 10 minutes plus one minute with training included. You can also organize 2 sleeps of 10 minutes with training and delivery of trophies included. For this you must be at least 10 participants.

Kartodrom Catalunya

No less than 45,000 square meters of facilities just 15 minutes from the city of Barcelona. A circuit where you can reach 165 km/hour with a competition kart. You can choose to rent a kart but if you are avid fans of this sport you can also take your own competition kart. If you bring the boyfriend hallucinating with the 1,000 meters long and 8 meters wide, you will experience a full-blown experience!

Circuits in the Balearic Islands

Karting Spain

Check out these tips on how to organize a stag party in Ibiza.

Circuito RennArena (Mallorca)

1200 meters of asphalt crown this track whose representative of honor is the pilot Sebastián Grunert. Up to 1000 spectators can enjoy a race of motorsport in this circuit of Mallorca. In addition to enjoying a Kart race, you can take advantage and give a tribute in a restaurant for 130 guests. You can run at basic level, the Pit level and the VIP level, depending on the number of people you are and how much you want to leave on track.

Karting Magaluf (Mallorca)

A circuit more than 25 years old with karts on track. You can celebrate your farewell here with 9 Karts in Pista for 60 euros more or less per person. A combination of leisure and sport where boredom has no place. You can hire an additional catering service to finish a round plan.

Go-Karts Santa Eulalia (Ibiza)

If you are in the island of Pitiusa you can’t miss this experience with your colleagues, the groom will not forget it! A circuit of 300 meters where you can recreate in your Formula 1 idols. You have several races to choose from: a Mini Grand Prix, a Maxi Grand Prix and even a half-hour endurance with teams of two pilots. You can also hire a catering service so that you do not miss anything in your adventure.

Circuits in Salamanca

Karting Spain

Karting GP Salamanca

Just 12 minutes from the city of Salamanca you’ll find a circuit of one kilometer in length to test your skills and reflexes as real pilots and lovers of motorcycling. You have the chance to become Formula 1 drivers with 10 to 30 minute races. It also has a special fidelity pass for those who really like Formula 1 since the sixth experience in Karting GP Salamanca will be free.

Circuits in Canarias

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We’ll help you get there with our Tenerife airport transfer.

Karting Club Tenerife

You can choose between three types of competitions: Super Grand Prix, Grand Prix and Mini Prix according to what you want to give between 13 and 23 laps with prices that range between 45 and 65 euros per person. This circuit has the peculiarity of being able to choose between different models of Karts according to your preferences and professionalism. A perfect #funplan for your farewell in Tenerife!

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