Fun Plans in Krakow

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There are many reasons why we can choose the city of Krakow as our next destination. If we are organising our university trip or we need more original ideas for a bachelorette party and we want to spend an unforgettable weekend in this city … we are sooo lucky. Krakow is a city in which only from Friday to Sunday gives us the opportunity to know most of its tourist attractions.

It is also a very affordable destination, if we search well in advance, flights and hotels in Krakow can be well priced. Whatever the reason why we have planned to go to this city, no matter with whom or for how many days, we are sure to know some fun plans in Krakow will be very interesting.


Bubble Football

Fun plans in Krakow

Get your tickets for Hop-on Hop-off Bus Krakow and set your own pace and explore Krakow the easy way!

We still have a lot of weekend ahead and we have already visited all the places and tourist attractions of the city, museums, parks and squares … and we want to live a different experience in Krakow and above all very, very funny … do not think about anything else … because we have the perfect plan to enjoy with anyone who has traveled to Krakow, Bubble football.

Have you never heard about this activity? It is one of the most fashion activities and in almost any city we can find it. We just have to gather a group of friends, get inside the plastic bubbles and … to try to score some goals while we shoot and we almost flew while we hit our opponents. A super fun and different plan where the laughs are more than assured.


Industrial Route in 7 days

Fun plans in Krakow 1

One of our favourite options to know not only Krakow, also to enjoy many other places around and live fun and unforgettable experiences is embarking on the Trip to Krakow Industrial Route in 7 days What is it? Paper and pen that comes next interesting and important information to aim if we want to make this super trip.

A guided tour to know the city of Krakow as soon as you arrive, the first stops will be the old town and the Jewish area. Next stop will be the lead, silver and zinc mines of Tarnowskie Góry. Next stop? The museum of Sesilia and the only worker settlements in Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec. Beer lovers … the next stop is designed for you, because we are going to what was the largest brewery in the world.

After visiting the famous salt mines, we go to Poland to end our trip, and there we expect more jewels from the European Route of Industrial Heritage … An intense and very entertaining journey that will remain engraved in our memory forever.



Escape Room 

Fun plans in Krakow 2

Visit to the salt mines in Wieliczka in Krakow and discover more than 300 kilometres of galleries, subterranean lakes, wonderful halls decorated with amazing statues and other gadgets… a definitely must-see spot when in Poland.

If you have not yet tried it, our trip to Krakow can be the best opportunity to spend a different and unforgettable time with our friends or family. An Escape Room is an activity developed in a room with one or several rooms, which will be full of enigmas and mysteries to discover.

Once we enter, we will start a super exciting adventure, always controlled by the game directors, who will explain to us previously what the test consists of, how long is the duration, and that at all times, if we want to finish it before it ends for any reason , we can do it.

If we want to feel like the protagonists of a movie or a TV series of the most intriguing, we have to prove it! Once the chronometer begins to count, we must solve the mysteries that the room hides to achieve the goal that leads us to be able to leave the room before the time is over. If we seek to innovate and new challenges, without a doubt, it is a great option to enjoy our free time in Krakow.


Buggy ride

Fun plans in Krakow 4

Do you want to know the famous story of Oskar Schindler where it took place? Let´s visit the Schindler factory in Krakow.

Have we tired of walking? Do we want to enjoy the city in a different and fun way? If we do not want to miss the most special places with more history of the city of Krakow, the beauty of the old city, its medieval streets, its impressive architecture why do it walking if we can do it up to an incredible and beautiful buggy like this one.

A walk in buggy through Krakow we can live a unique experience and tour the city while beautiful horses walk us as they once did for this historic city. We will love it!

Pub Crawl

Fun plans in Krakow 3

Night comes and we always ask ourselves where do we take the first? That will not be a problem in Krakow, because thanks to the pub crawl in Krakow we can experience the best party in Poland accompanied by a local guide and people from all over the world.

In the heart of the city begins the adventure, we will all go together to the first of the pubs we will visit, where we will enjoy an hour of alcoholic beverages (beer or vodka) and unlimited soft drinks to warm up the engines. Afterwards, we will continue walking through the streets of the center of Krakow on a guided tour of some of the best festivals in Poland. We will enter three more nightclubs, all of them with a welcome shot, and we will enjoy the party in Krakow, a university city that at night becomes one of the most festive in Europe.

At the end of the tour, we can stay at the last place we have visited to continue dancing and having fun until dawn. Sounds fun, right?


Let´s have fun in Krakow


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