Festival calendar of January 2020

by TheFunPlan

Starting the new year we couldn’t miss the festival calendar. This year, as the years before, we’ve had time to make a new bucket list, and we couldn’t miss the “keep on traveling” wish, right? If by chance one of those wishes is getting to know Spain, we know there’s no better way than combining activities with trips, how to do this? Keeping a good festival calendar of January 2020.

Shall we start?

Parade of the Three Wise Men (January 5th)

Location: Alcoy, Alicante

Festival calendar of January 2020 1

You may wonder why we have chosen the province of Alicante for a parade that is done almost everywhere… It turns out that Alcoy is the oldest parade in Spain, held since 1885.

Young and old live with special excitement the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Alcoy, especially when they make their spectacular entrance into Alcoy riding camels and loaded with gifts. They walk the streets of the city following the “antorcheros” who light the way, while the atmosphere is filled with Christmas music, the royal pages deliver their gifts to children. They use wooden stairs to climb balconies and windows of houses, flooding with magic that night so unique.

Festivals of “La Vijanera” (January 6th)

Location: Silió, Molledo, Cantabria

Every first Sunday of the year Molledo celebrates this festivity as a Carnival, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

La Vijanera” has its origin in Roman traditions. Silió’s neighbours dress up with different masks and colourful clothing to represent (outdoor) characters with different symbologies.

In addition, there is a photography contest that aims to reflect the best moments of this holiday whose purpose is to scare away the evil spirits so they can receive the year with good omens.

Music festival (January 9th – February 9th)

Location: Gran Canaria and Tenerife, Canary Islands

Festival calendar of January 2020 2

This international music festival is held simultaneously on the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. It is the only festival in Europe that is held in winter thanks to the good climate of the islands.

It has three main objectives that make it such an attractive event: to enrich the cultural offer of the islands, to give the Canary Islands musical prestige and to promote the influx of cultural tourism. In addition, at night everyone dresses up and go out to enjoy those nights of good weather … and whatever comes next 😉

Festivities of San Antonio Abad (January 16th-18th)

Location: Canals, Valencia

Festival calendar of January 2020 3

The festivity in honour of San Antonio Abad is divided into 3 days.

The first is completely focused on the burning of a huge bonfire, which is offered to the master. This bonfire is part of the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest wood burning bonfire. And it doesn’t surprise us a bit because in order to make it, the firewood starts to pile up on December 7th.

The second day is the day of religious celebrations. And the third day is the day of “dels parells”, where the participants give thousands of toys around the village, there are tastings of the typical gastronomy of these festivities such as the pastas de San Antonio. The festivities end with a meal of baked rice casseroles that are made for thousands of people.

Madrid fusion. International Gastronomy Summit (January 13th-15th)

Location: Madrid

Festival calendar of January 2020 4

Madrid fusion is the perfect excuse to get the gastronomy of the whole world together, giving the city the title of world gastronomic capital once again. The meeting is full of internationally renowned chefs and new promises from all countries.

It is a multicultural event where demonstrations, tastings, food auctions, tributes, conferences and product tastings are organized.

Needless to say, the public is more than invited to this event, and we know that in addition to traveling, everybody loves to eat well, so what a better plan to do than something fun and original in your visit to Madrid?

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