Festival calendar of December 2019

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Through our festival calendar of december 2019, you’ll find out the most outstanding events that you won’t want to miss in Spain.

The last month of the year is almost here! A blink of an eye ago we were having family events with lots of food, holiday gifts and a huge bucket list for 2019 (which, by the way, we hope you’ve fulfilled!). And now, here we are again: about to go through a similar thing one more time; although this time a little wiser than last year and with more trips with friends in the back of our minds, or so we’d like to think!!

Virgen de los Pegotes (december 8th)

Location: Nava del Rey, Valladolid

Festival calendar of December 2019 1

The holiday of “la Virgen de los Pegotes” is celebrated on December 8th, throughout the afternoon and into the night. It’s a national tourist festival that consists of the “ascentm” of the Virgin.

Both the preparations and the actual “ascent” last about 3 hours. The celebration ends with a tasting of chestnuts, sweets and wine typical from Nava del Rey and with the performance of the dance group “El Cribero”.

Festivity of la Inmaculada ConcepciĂłn (December 8th)

Location: Sevilla

Festival calendar of December 2019 2

The day of the “Immaculate Conception” is commemorated in Seville with an activity that only takes place three times a year: the dance of the “seises” (boys of the choir) in front of the Main Altarpiece of the Cathedral.

We recommend this party because it’s a friday this year, therefore it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of it as a weekend of relaxation in the south. In addition to the part of processions, at night everyone dresses up and goes out to enjoy.

University New Year’s Eve (December 15th)

Location: Salamanca

Festival calendar of December 2019 3

Salamanca is a city known as a city for students, cause it hosts them from all over Europe. During the actual New Year’s Eve, most of them go back home to celebrate with their families. That’s why the throw this party, so they can celebrate also with friends.

Zambomba jerezana (December)

Location: Jerez de la Frontera

Festival calendar of December 2019 4

We love the initiative taken by “Jerez sin fronteras” to create the Zambomba jerezana. It is a website where the organizers of these events can post all the information in order to attract more public. These events are held throughout December.

“Pre” New Year’s Eve (December 30th)

Location: Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Festival calendar of December 2019 9

There’s this amazing thing in Spain called “las uvas”, we usually do it in New Year’s Eve. It consists on eating 12 grapes at the same time the bells of Puerta del Sol ring for 12 times.

This event we’re showing you is the “pre”. The night before New Year’s Eve, Madrid needs to make sure everything is going to be perfect for the actual “uvas”, therefore they rehearse and lots of people go and celebrate as if it was for real.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Spain around this time, you should definitely attend to any of the events from the festival calendar of December 2019. But if that’s not the case, don’t worry about it! You’ll have plenty of time this next 2020 to visit Spain 😉

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