A Day in Gran Canaria

by TheFunPlan

You know that we cannot stand still here at The Fun Plan, so taking advantage of this, we decided to pack our suitcase, ride on a plane and leave for the Canary Islands. This time we landed in Gran Canaria. Although it may seem tiny on the map, it’s an ideal place for a group tour! Are you ready to fall in love with Gran Canaria in one day? Here are our recommendations if you have a day in Gran Canaria.

In the Morning

Roque-Nublo photo from blog

When moving around the island, you have the option to use public transportation or rent a car. We will recommend the latter, as this way you will have more freedom and not lose any time.

Very important! Within your travel bag, besides the camera, make a little room for swimsuit / bikini and a towel. So you can go for a swim at any time! ?

If you are early risers and athletes, you can start the day with a hiking trail. You can go up to Roque Nublo for the best views of the island and, with a little luck, you can see to the Teide! Looking ahead, probably you will meet what is known as the “sea of clouds”, as these are below you. It’s amazing!

After the hike, we headed south, where you will find two of the best beaches on the island: Maspalomas and Ingles. It is time to take out the towels and relax a bit! If you find yourself in Maspalomas, you will be in a curious landscape: on one side you will have the sea and on the other, the dunes of Maspalomas. Do you have the urge to visit? When you get there you will feel that you are in the desert so do not miss the opportunity to make some of the best photos of the trip!

Lunch Dining Options

Even if you have to deviate in a different direction, can you not leave the island without going through the Puerto de Mogan. This part of the island is known as the Venetian area as you are able to walk along its canals and alleys. Along the harbor and the beach there are many restaurants where you can eat the typical small fish and enjoy the wonderful views. As you can see, it is a popular tourist area, so it is best to take a walk before choosing the final location, because it is the only way to find the best site.

In the Afternoon

Catherdal Gran Canaria attribute to Paloma Montoto

Photo taken by Paloma Montoto.

Las Palmas: time to visit the capital has come. Two of the essential are climbing the tower of the cathedral and entering the house of Columbus. From the tower of the cathedral you can see the whole city: the charm of its white houses, the sea … In the Casa de Colón you will find a replica of the maps that the browser used to get what he termed as “the Indies “. There are also sculptures and objects that will capture the attention of the curious.

Once you have seen this, wander through the streets, as they are hiding all the charm of this wonderful city. In doing so, you discover that it is divided into two parts: Vegueta, which is the historical district and Triana, its business side. If you like beach tourism, come close to Las Canteras, where in addition to having the last swim of the day, you can take a nice walk along the shore.

Where to Eat

It’s time to continue tasting the rich Canarian cuisine, we tried the “potatoes with mojopicón”! There are more options than one and you can sit amazed when you see the variety there.

If you want to dine in the middle, around Triana street you will find bars and restaurants for all tastes: From tapas to more elaborate dishes. On this occasion, we we opted for La Pepa de Triana, since we were hooked on the local charm and its terrace. After such a full day some good food is needed! Depending on how hungry you are, you can dine tapas or choose some to share and have a main course. We loved the food here!

In the Evening

Gran Canaria at night

Give yourself a shower and recharge because we are here to adventure on holiday! If you are a group with different musical tastes or have no preference, you can start at the Plaza de la Música. The evening begins with music and live concerts, becoming a club as the hours pass, will you be able to reach the end of the night?

Recommendations for travel

Dunas-Maspalomas photo from blog

If you like the sunsets, there are two places which are amazing: Dunes of Maspalomas and Puerto de Mogan. Do not miss them!

As we said at the beginning, Gran Canaria continues to be a small island, so before leaving for the holiday, we recommend to drive on their roads to reach higher areas. You sit open-mouthed with its panoramic views!

When you pack your suitcase, do not forget that in the islands the climate is tropical, so the temperatures are usually very good. Still, do not forget to pack a sweater and a jacket in the chance it is colder at night!

 If you want to rent a car, it is best that you prepare yourselves at home, because in this way when you reach the island, all you have to do is go to the office of the airport to pick up the car. So you get the most of your hours on the island!

Friends, suitcase, camera and eager to have fun…lets head out to go to Gran Canaria!

At last summer is here!

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