Budapest in a Day

by TheFunPlan

It is really hard to visit the whole of Budapest in a day, probably due to the many interesting attractions there are and to the amount of tourists around the streets. Regardless, there really is a lot to see in 24 hours and that is why we have prepared a list for you to find out what to do and how to move around Budapest in a day.


In order to make the most of your 1-day-long visit, we recommend you start your route from Buda, as in the most majestic area of Budapest. The surroundings offer some of the best views of the city. Starting from the castle, you will need to take the Támok utca and walk through it until you reach the Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion. Once you have reached this spot, you will probably be astonished as you get to admire the Parliament‘s greatness. You might want to come back at night, as you will surely be able to enjoy even better views.

We will not suggest to get inside the building and visit the interior, mostly because it would probably take a whole morning to properly see it. If you get to stay in the city for an additional day, you might want to have a look; otherwise, just save it for next time.

To get back to Pest, you will hike down one of Buda’s many slopes and cross the Chain bridge. If you keep going straight through Zrínyi utca, you will end up right in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the city’s largest church. PS: Do go up the tower, it is free and the views are absolutely amazing.

Budapest is a peculiar city, one that originated from the fusion of two old cities: Buda & Pest. The Danube river separates them, whereas six astonishing bridges link them.

As you walk south, you will encounter Vörösmarty tér, one of Budapest’s most important and well-known squares. You will stumble across the Gerbaud bakery which happens to be the ideal place where to stop, sit down and savor a good dessert.

From here, you will need to take Váci Uzca, Budapest’s busiest and most famous road, until you get to the Central Market. The food range will be quite wide: you might enjoy the fish in the basement or fruit, desserts and old cuts on first floor. There are lots of restaurants on the second floor, all of them offering great deals: it goes without saying, this is your best chance to try the gulash, a stew of meat and vegetables seasoned with lots of paprika and other spices. It is one of Budapest’s most typical dishes.


Some of Budapest’s main attractions are, without any doubt, the many SPAs that the tourists can count on. We have decided to recommend one in particular, the Széchenyi: it provides access to 15 indoor pools, 10 saunas/steam baths and 3 huge outdoor pools. Its water temperature is 36°C all-year long and the views of the sunsets from their pools are incredibly fascinating.

You cannot leave the city before checking out at least one of its SPAs. Due to its geographical position, Budapest accomodates more than 100 thermal baths.

Once it starts to get darker, we suggest you go and have a look at the Memento Park where you will get to see all the old communist statues. You might want to check out the Jewish quarter and its three synagogues, you will most likely collect a couple of interesting memories to share with your friends back home. Last but not least, the second world war museum will probably be of your interest too. Known as the “Hospital in the Rock”, it is situated underground and its route measures almost 2 km. You will get to see many objects and tools that were used during the World War II as your wander around and enjoy such a historical environment.

At night

Two are Budapest’s most surprising features: its enchanting views and… its parties. That is why we have also prepared a list of Budapest’s best clubs for you, you’re absolutely welcome.

In order to wrap up your day in the best way, we will give different suggestions depending on whether you’d rather walk or enjoy a boat party on the Danube.

If walking (and drinking) are your things, then you might want to take a look at the ruin pubs. These are old buildings that were about to be demolished, until a group of young people volunteered to rent them in order to open a bar. Thanks to the townhall approving their request, the city can now claim the most peculiar bars of Europe, where creativity, music and cultural activities are a daily occurrence.

The second option will allow you to admire the capital’s most impressive buildings from the Danube, for a really low price compared to the rest of Europe. Buy here your tickets to enjoy a characteristic boat ride, we guarantee it will be worth it.

Here’s another cheap recommendation: a guided tour around Budapest. There are plenty that take place every day, they’re in English and all for free (usually tourists leave a tip). If you’re a group who’s looking to enjoy a tour across the city, get in touch with us and we will help.

And if you’ve yet to find an accomodation, you can have a quick look down here, by clicking on the button below.

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