Best 5 restaurants for a Hen or Bachelor party in Porto

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Oporto, the second most important city in Portugal offers us the best options to enjoy a bachelor or hen party. And is that walking through the old town falls in love with anyone. Although its bridges and river walks are from another planet, and let’s not talk about the quality of the wine or its amazing weather, oh my god! Oporto is the perfect city to celebrate with our colleagues a weekend that we will never forget and the best thing of all this … prices are great!

If you still need more reasons to convince yourself or to your friends that this city is one of the best options that we can choose, you just have to take paper and pen and start writing the 10 reasons why choose port in your hen or bachelor party. And yes! we know that sometimes decide where to eat could be a nightmare, so do not worry because we tell you what are the best 5 restaurants for a hen or bachelor party in Oporto.

¡Bom proveito!


5. MUU Steakhouse

Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto

And if we browse a little more about Portugal? Who knows when it will be the next bachelor party, so it’s good to know the best restaurants in Lisbon.

What sets this restaurant apart from any other in the city is the very cool and modern atmosphere. MUU Steakhouse is an original option for lunch or dinner with our friends for a hen or stag party. The best thing is that MUU Steakhouse can offer us the best meat options in Porto. Their meals are so delicious!

We can choose between six different types of cow steaks and some of them even more than 500 grams, perfect for sharing!
So if you are a meat lover, do not think about it for another minute! This is the best place to enjoy it! But the best thing is that, if some of us, in our group is vegetarian or vegan will not have to leave it at the hotel … this restaurant offers options for them as “Galatine” with zucchini, smoked tofu, beans and vegetables.


4. Yours Bistro

Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto 1

A “must” for a bachelor’s party is to visit the Calém winery with a fado show in Oporto, where we can get to know the Portuguese culture through the wine tastings as well and their music, with the Fado show Buy we can get tickets in advance, because capacity is limited!

What do we want when we travel to Portugal? Well, simple … typical Portuguese food and to be able to enjoy it in a perfect place. Alright! Yours Bistrô is simply different, cozy and with an atmosphere that will give us the feeling of being at home. What else could be want?

And not only because of its fantastic meal options or the best Portuguese wines is the reason why we recommend 100% to make a stop in Oporto, also because it is the perfect place for groups. With a terrace where you can relax between meals, relax in the puffs of the garden area or contemplate the wonderful views of the city. Our favourite thins is there are menus and special prices for groups! A totally original and unforgettable place to toast with friends at bachelorette parties.


3. Rua Tapas & Music Bar

Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto 2

Let the music keep running through our body! The party does not have to end, after the music bar we can go to some disco, so we recommend you the 5 best night clubs in Oporto and let´s enjoy the night in Portugal.

Rua tapas & music bar is a restaurant that serves some of the most unique tapas and appetizers in the city, but it does it to the sound of music. Although that is not the most unique thing of the place, as its name indicates “rua” in Portuguese, which in English means street, once we enter in, we will not know if we are inside or we are still outside, it’s very cool! It is full of tiles and lampposts.

At the end of dinner, we can leave the cutlery on the plates and start dancing because … the restaurant becomes a lively pub where you can listen to the best Portuguese music in live! Very cool!


4. The Lingerie Restaurant

Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto 3

 And if the restaurant with strip-tease does not go with us, The Fun Plan offers us an incredible weekend pack for bachelor parties in Oporto. Close your eyes and imagine, a weekend full of fun with your friends, sleeping at the best downtown hostels in Oporto, sailing on a boat through the Douro river and ending the night in a dinner with live music and show. Sounds good? Isn´t it? Do not think about it … Just go for it!

For the more daring we tell you the most erotic option to start the night in Oporto, this is The Lingerie Restaurant, a unique thematic concept in Portugal. This restaurant is not a common restaurant, since while we enjoy fantastic typical dishes of Portuguese cuisine the waiters will serve us in underwear. Yes, you read correctly, in underwear!

The Lingerie Restaurant offers an exotic cuisine, a good atmosphere and of course, the best entertainment during our dinner.  But if in our group there is a brave one, we can still add one more tone to this mischievous night by trying some of the aphrodisiac dishes suggested by the restaurant.

And do not worry about the groom or the bride, because they will be surprised during the dinner with strip-tease shows, lap dance, table dance and much more … A fun and very very spicy option ideal for a farewell with your colleagues an unforgettable moment where surely there will be many laughs.

We can not miss this crazy show dinner for stag and hen parties in Oporto! Here we go Portugal! Let´s have fun.


1. Brasao Cervejaria

Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto 4Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto 5Best 5 restaurants for Hen or Bachelor party in Oporto 6

Oporto is a great choice to celebrate a hen or stag weekend during the whole year but, being honest during the summer or even srping we have so many activities and places to visit around. So just have a look to this post about 8 activities for a stag weekend on the beach, choose one or more … and let Portugal do the rest for us.

What if we want a more casual dinner? Oporto also gives us that option, this city has it all! Undoubtedly, for those of us who want to have a good craft beer, cider or “sangrías” or try one of the typical dishes like the “francesiñas” or “bifes” … Brasao is the perfect place!

This places mixes the best part of the Portuguese tradition and the modern ambient, in the most picturesque location, but above all, this is a very comfortable place where we can breathe the best Portuguese atmosphere. A perfect combination to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with the company of our friends. But we must be quick and book early! This place is very fashionable and usually filled easily.


Let´s organise a bachelor party in Portugal!


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