Best 5 nightclubes in Alicante

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We are in front of one of the Spanish cities with the greatest offer of leisure and night tourism, Alicante. This city is full of life for each of its sides, and if we walk between its streets we can see that they are always full of good atmosphere and a lot of options for eating, dining or going out to party until late.

If we do not want to miss one of the best 5 nightclubs in Alicante, then we talk about the best places to start or end the night with our friends. Are you ready? Let´s go!


1. Maluka Clubbing

Best nightclubes in Alicante 3

Belt of coins, veil and eager to have fun is all we need to give your best friend’s bachelorette party a touch more exotic and movidito. Do we learn some new dance steps at the workshop Bollywood dance in Alicante?

What if we go partying while we listen to the best electronic music? No more talking … the best option is Maluka Clubbing. One of the most famous clubs in the city, not only for its unbeatable location in the heart of Alicante, but for its fun programming as well as its original tropical decoration. And if we want to give a different touch to the night we can reserve one of the VIP areas while we ask for the best alcohol brands and drinks. An endless number of themed parties where we will surely have a great time with who we go.


2. Marmarela

Best nightclubes in Alicante

Let’s party on wheels! Can you imagine a better surprise than picking your best friend up on a party bus and take advantage of the trip while having some drinks? Let´s get a ride on the party bus in Alicante! There´s so many ways to enjoy the night here!

Without a doubt, the perfect option for summer nights is the Marmarela complex. A super disco in the port of Alicante where in addition to enjoying the best music in front of the sea, we can live an incredible experience in its different spaces. Marmarela has different terraces, restaurant, bar and … swimming pools and jacuzzi!

The best DJs and international artists go through this disco, and the best thing is that, as it opens all day and does not close until dawn, we can enjoy incredible electronic music sessions at any time of the day. A perfect option to have a great time at night in Alicante.


3. CODE Social Club

CODE no es un sitio cualquiera …

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But if nightclubs are not enough for what you dreamed and you want more … Boat party in Alicante + disco until the sunrise will be the best choice we could made … What else do we need during your holiday?

Code Social Club is one of the best discos where we can try cocktails and take the first mixes of the night on their terrace, or dance like never before the best music of the moment. But the best of all is that at Code Social Club we will not have to wait for it to be done at night to enjoy all this … if we fancy a good afternoon, this is the ideal place. The party here starts long before nightfall. And a secret, if we want to organize an event or celebrate a birthday or bachelor party, this place gives us the opportunity to have our private space. So cool!


4. Isla MarinaBest nightclubes in Alicante 1

Olé! It’s time to discover what it takes to be and move like a flamenco dancer in this incredibly fun flamenco workshop in Alicante.

Other of our favourite clubs in Alicante that we have to go to is Isla Marina, a unique disco that offers us outdoor spaces and the best atmosphere in the city. In it we freak out in every corner, from the environment in which it is located, the views of the city or the castle. In addition we can dance the best songs at the club, in its green areas or even in the pool … And why not? Start the day with a good appetizer, since it opens from 12 in the morning until the early hours of the morning. One of the most entertaining days await us in Isla Marina. We will not miss it!


5. Katamaran

Best nightclubes in Alicante 2

What if before a great night we try to have the best day … that is possible while we enjoying the wonderful coast of Alicante. Paddle surf, kayaking or both are waiting for us!! Let´s practice some water sports on the beach in Alicante and have so much fun.

Katamaran is another very good option for the most fans of electronic music in Alicante, because the best resident, local, national and even international DJs come up to katamaran every year to play the best electronic music. All a national reference to enjoy this musical style. We can also do it in the middle of the track or in its reserved areas and VIP areas. And if that were not enough, we can meet at any night in Katamaran with live shows where a great team of vocalists, saxophonists and gogós will give one of the best shows we can live in the city.

Alicante, here we go!

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