Best 5 beaches to surf in Portugal

by TheFunPlan

Hawaii or Australia? Do we really have to go over there to find the best waves in the world? Well, we are wrong, very wrong. The truth is that Europe has crazy surf spots and amazing waves, nothing to envy to these destinations.

Portugal has become one of the world destinations for surfers, in part due to the well-known Hawaiian surfer McNamara, who in 2013 has surfed a wave of 30 meters in Nazaré. Since then, this and many other beaches around the area have become an important place for many surfers.

As well as Portugal, Spain is also other destination very attractive for surfers, have you read about best 10 beaches to surf in Spain? Two countries very close to each other, so we could enjoy both of them on our next surf trip.

Portugal also currently competes with France for the title of “European capital of surfing”. Almost 1,800 km of coasts, with beaches with different breaks for all the tastes and levels. And although we know that it is very complicated to make a ranking with the best waves and the best beaches … here we talk about what for us and many more are, for different reasons, the 5 best beaches to surf in Portugal.


1. Praia de Coxos


How good would you like to know Portugal? It would surprise us their cities, coast, food  … everything!!

Ericeira, is one of the four world reserves of surfing, along with the Californian beaches of Malibu and Santa Cruz, as well as the Australian Manly Beach. This small fishing village north of Lisbon, offers different beaches for different levels of surfing. Ribeira d’Illhas, Sao Sebastiao, San Lourenço, Pedra Branca, Foz do Lizandro … these are some of the beaches where we can find the best reef breaks in the world, suitable for surfers of different levels, always depending on the ocean conditions.

But if we have to highlight one, that is without a doubt “Praia de Coxos”, a small cove where only the bravest surfers dare to get into the water. Its waves can reach 5 meters high as well as amazing tubes for the most experienced surfers. It is therefore a very popular destination among surfers, especially outside the summer seasons. Different surf competitions take place in Ericeira, and there is not much more to say, the images speaks for themselves. Without a doubt, some of the best waves in the world are taken here. 


2. Praia de Supertubos


And how could it not be on our list of best surfing beaches in Portugal, one of the best known competitions on the world surf championship? Thousands of people from all over the world come every year to enjoy the best waves surfed by the most famous surfers on the planet.

Well its name tells us everything “supertubos” , (It means “super tubes” in english) so that’s what we’re going to find in this beach in Peniche, some excellent tubes, probably the best in Europe. Their waves of lefts are described for many people as the perfection, and the best thing is that their conditions are very good all year round.

These can reach 6 meters in height, and the most impressive thing is that, in addition to breaking very strong, they do it very close to the sand. Therefore surfers who try this famous wave, need to have a minimum level of experience.


3. Praia de Arrifana 


What if after a good surf session in Arrifana we discover other best beaches in Algarve? Very beautiful … 100% recommended!

The Algarve region is famous for theirs spectacular cliffs, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. And of course, besides being a perfect place to relax and enjoy wonderful views, it is also one of the perfect places to surf in Portugal.

Arrifana is one of the most popular destinations among surfers and bodyboarders. It is a very quiet, sheltered beach, with strong waves that make local surfers and tourists from all over, make a stop in this paradise to get a good surf session. What most falls in love with Arrifana is that it is not a crowded place (for now) so … we must take advantage of it, tomorrow could be too late!


4. Praia do Cabedelo

Figueira da Foz

And if we are lucky enough to be in the month of August for Figueira da Foz we can go to Sonic Blast Music Festival, and listen to the best psycho-blues and hard rock. A perfect mix surf + music … what else do we need?

How many times have we been on a beach where the wind does not stop? This is very uncomfortable when we are just going to sunbathe or take a walk … we know it. But if we go to the beach in search of perfect conditions for surfing, the wind is not a problem … just the opposite!

In “Praia do Cabedelo” the wind is always present, and this makes the beach have perfect conditions for all types of water sports … surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing or bodyboard , all welcome! It is also perfect for beginners and mid-level surfers. From this beach we can contemplate one of the most impressive views of the city Figueira da Foz, as well as the vegetation that surrounds the beach, its dunes … a quiet beach and ideal to live a perfect surfing experience in Portugal.


5. Praia do Guincho 


Not far from Cascais we can find the Portuguese capital, in it we can think of many things to do in Lisbon in a day, do we discover them?

One of the most special beaches for surfers in Cascais, is “Praia do Guincho”. A beautiful beach at the Sintra-Cascais natural park where we can enjoy nature in its purest form and one of the great paradises of world surfing.

This long beach, with awesome forests views, dunes and green hills, hosts some of the best-known surf world championships. For its tremendous waves so many surfers, and not just professionals, come to this special Portuguese spot.

Surfers share the stage with windsurfers and kitesurfers, because the wind that rises on this beach is more than perfect for all of them.


Here we go Portugal!

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