Best 10 destinations to surf around the world

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More and more tourists are traveling every year just to find the best waves, and nowadays surfing has gone from being just another water sport to becoming an authentic lifestyle. Those people who practice surf, is getting involved in an incredible adventure in each of their trips, always in search of the best waves. If we have not yet found out which are the best 10 beaches to surf in Spain, what are we waiting for? It is not always necessary to go far away to find the beach that best suits our level.

Each of these adventures involves knowing and investigating a new destination, weather conditions, culture, different gastronomy. If traveling is cool, surf tourism is very cool! Besides being able to enjoy good surfing sessions, this type of trips can also offer us a lot more water activities or routes around. There are a lot of surf spots in the world, and it is very difficult to develop a ranking without leaving some countries or beaches outside, but these are for us the 10 best surf destinations around the world.

10. Bali


Best 10 destinations to surf around the world

At the end of our surf session we can not miss the Uluwatu and Jimbaran tour … besides surf and beach, this island has lot of secrets spots waiting for us to discover them.

Welcome to one of the greatest paradises in the world, but not just for surfers … any kind of traveler can not resist the magic of Bali, Indonesia. Some can catch the best waves, while others can visit incredible volcanoes, the typical rice fields, endless jungles, paradisiacal beaches where in addition to surfing, we could sunbathing, diving … and of course, enjoy the local cuisine.

The most famous waves are those that can be found on the beaches of Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Kuta. Although there are many other beaches where you can enjoy magnificent waves. But if we look for good action, the best months to travel to Indonesia are between April and November, because we can surf waves up to 5 meters high. But we mus be careful, we will not be alone … this is one of the favourite destinations for surfers from all over the world and therefore, one of the most visited.


9. Fuerteventura

Canary Islands

Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 1

If we visit another Canary Islands we should stop and have some surf lessons in Tenerife. It will be really fun!!

Another great destination to surf are the Canary Islands, specifically in Fuerteventura, we can surf all year round. Although if we are a bit choosy and we want to find the best possible conditions, during  the months of autumn and winter we will be able to surf the best waves.

The favourite places for surfers are in the North Path, this is a coastal route that links the area of Corralejo and Cotillo. These places are reserved for surfers with a certain level, since many of the waves that are surfed on this island are near rock reefs, which is a great risk and a technique to practice this sport without damage. The best-known beaches are “La Pared, El Cotillo and Punta del Tigre”


8. Costa Rica

Central America

Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 2

Una de los planes más top en costa rica es la excursión al volcán arenal + aguas termales ¿nos lo vamos a perder?

One of the most acclaimed destinations lately by the most adventurous in search of jungles, beaches and mountains is Costa Rica. Its natural attraction together with having been declared one of the best places in the world to surf makes it very difficult not to take our bags and start the adventure

Throughout the year, surfers from all over the world travel here to look for the best waves among their coasts, although the best time will be between April and October. And it’s not just a fantastic trip for its landscapes, the activities and visits we can do in it, it´s also about how welcoming our stay is thanks to the local people. A paradise with an impressive human warmth … what else can we looking for?

The best beaches to enjoy a good surf session in Costa Rica are Ollies Point, Playa Naranjo and Potrero Grande. Although one of the most special places, also one of the most difficult to access, that make it even more special, is Tamarindo, where surfers of all levels have fun for hours.



7. Florionópolis


Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 3

Let´s discover the resplendent architecture of one of the world’s newest capitals with the Guided tour Brasilia. A different way to enjoy the city and learn more about all their secrets.


Surely many of us already knew that Brazil was a paradise for parties, beaches, dances, carnival, color … but surfing? As well! For in Florianópolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina is one of the best places to surf surrounded by the most exotic nature.

There are a lot of beaches in this area where we can find the best waves. Santinho Beach, Lagoinha, Joaquina, Moçambique, Campeche or Praia Mole are some of the most visited by surfers from all over the world who travel to Brazil in search of waves, good weather, atmosphere and very good vibes. We can also enjoy some surf competitions, where the most famous professional surfers in the world fight for the first place in the ranking. We just have to go to the east coast, to Sao Francisco do Sul. A super recommended experience and fun where to meet the most pro surfers of this sport and people from all cultures around the world.



6. Manu Bay – Raglan

New Zeland

Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 4

One of our favourites ways to stay in Nueva Zelanda during our surf trip is at the many bed & breakfast there are in the Island … very comfy!!

To prepare our cameras because we are not only with one of the best waves in the world, but not with one of the longest to surf. Although it is not because of what Manu Bay in Raglan is famous today … does the title of “endless summer” sound familiar?

The famous series of the 60 was filmed in this place, and since then its great repercussion caused that the lovers of this sport visited the scene where the protagonists rode the waves. And it is that, not only because of this, this town has a peculiar charm, it is a super quiet place, where besides surfing we can relax in its bars and restaurants, walk through its streets or simply, get lost in any corner. The best thing about getting lost in this place is that, no matter where you end up, because the surroundings are spectacular.



5. Jeffrey´s Bay

South Africa

Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 5

When we travel all around the world we want to have everything very organised and do not forget anything important, so …  we should get accommodation in Jeffrey´s bay as soon as possible, to get the best offers that suit us.

Surely we have heard in recent years of the shark attack suffered by one of the most famous surfers in the world Mick Fanning. Fortunately, everything was in a state of shock while a world surfing competition was held. We are talking about Jeffrey’s Bay, one of the most famous beaches to surf, and one of the stops in the world surfing league where one of the qualifying events takes place.

This small town that formerly only fishermen and hippies walked through, is today one of the world’s surf spots, where the bravest surfers enter the ocean waiting for the best waves to break. And we say brave because, as you can imagine, many sharks has been seen around. With or without shark, every year more surfers travel to the African continent in search of an unique adventure and experience.



4. Gold Coast


Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 6

Would you imagine waking up your bed with amazing ocean views at your Hotel room in Gold Coast? Do not imagine and make it happen.

How could Australia not be in the ranking of the best surf destinations in the world? Well, in Australia we can surf everywhere … and everyone does it, from the smallest to the oldest, women and men. It is easy to see very young children accompanied by their parents surfing on any beach in this country, as well as older people, who would never imagine that they can get to practice this sport. No matter the purchasing level, or the work of those who surf, in the water, all are equal, and only the waves matter. Something magical that just in a few places in the world can experienced.

Thousands of surfers choose this destination to enjoy the best waves, the best weather and, of course, one of the most surfer and original environments that we can find anywhere in the world. But one of the favourites for those who practice this sport is the Gold Coast, Why? well … for its long coastline, the quality of the waves and for not needing at any time of the year a wetsuit, because its waters have an ideal temperature during practically all the year.

In addition, the Gold Coast offers a great variety of tourist services, activities, plans and spectacular nightlife. Although in the short time we are out of the water, we recommend visiting the natural parks and the areas and villages around … rainforest, waterfalls, trails and corners that will leave us speechless.


3. Pipeline


Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 7

It is totally impossible to talk about the best destinations in the world to surf, the best beaches, the best spots, the best waves … without naming Hawaii, because it is “the place”, where everything began.

As we can imagine, in Hawaii we can surf in practically every corner where the waves break, but one of the most outstanding is Pipeline. Here only the most experienced surfers can jump into the water in search of giant waves that break against very shallow reefs.

Another reason why this destination is also one of the most famous and spectacular to surf, is that its tubes are surfed by professional surfers in the world surf league. Undoubtedly one of the most dangerous but attractive destinations of this competition and also for all surfers who came to the island.


2. Maldive Islands

Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 8

The paradise in capital letters, in bold and even in cursive is called Maldive Islands. Besides being one of the tourist destinations of relaxation, adventure and enjoyment of many travelers, it is also a dream destination for surfers. Beaches of crystal clear water, white sand and perfect waves await us in the more than one thousand islands that form the Maldives. Endless activities inside and outside the water, dream hotels, infinity pools … one of the most amazing surfing destinations we have ever visited.

From the month of March to November we ensure extraordinary conditions for surfing. Before getting into this adventure we should know that, although some of the beaches are easily accessible for different levels, from expert surfers, intermediate or beginners, such as Cokes, Honky’s or Sultans on Thulusdhoo Island, or Jailbreaks. Even that, the most comfortable way to move between the different beaches and more peculiar waves will be by boat, only this way we can reach the most hidden corners where to live an unforgettable surfing experience.


1. Morocco


Best 10 destinations to surf around the world 9

Well, there are already two places that catch us close to home to surf like real champions … because Morocco is one of the surfing destinations worldwide known and preferred by surfers. More than 1800 kilometers of coastline where we can find the waves that best suit our level and taste.

Where we can surf more calmly is in the area of Sidi, Ifni or Mirleft, during the winter months, unlike other destinations, the temperature is perfect. If instead our trip is in the middle of summer, in the northern areas there are wonderful spots like Jadida or Medhia. Although the most famous waves and recognized by surfers are in the central area of its coast, there we can surf spots as legendary as Anchor Point, Banana, Killers or Boilers.

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