Best 10 brunches in Madrid

by TheFunPlan

After being up all week early, without time to just sit down for a coffee or breakfast properly … The rush, the damm rush to not be late for work makes us not have time to enjoy every morning, Monday to Friday. But the weekend has arrived! There are no more excuses … we can sleep until we get bored, go out for a party, go for a walk in the Retiro Park or why not … go for a brunch in Madrid.

Still do not know this new way of eating? Brunch is not a breakfast or a lunch, it is a mix between both of them. A perfect combination, sweet or salty, or both! The 10 best brunches in Madrid are waiting for us to discover their delicious options.


10. Bendita locura

Street Príncipe de Vergara, 73

Best 10 brunch in Madrid

After the brunch are we going home? No way … there´s a lot of fun winter plans in Madrid to discover and enjoy … let´s go!!

Bendita Locura is one of the best options to make a “late breakfast”, their menu tries to adapt to everyone. Classic menus for those who want to start the day with a sweet taste, as well as more modern and powerful menus for those looking for an American option, this restaurant offers its famous Benedictine eggs, quiches … and even if we want, we can have our brunch accompanied by a cocktail or mojito. Very chic!

But we know that we are not all made to start the day with some alcohol in our body, and we need to wake up with a good coffee … well, we are in luck because Bendita Locura is a specialist in this famous and beloved morning drink. Thanks to its “Dalla Corte” machine and a 100% Arabica quality coffee we will enjoy one of the best coffee in the city, which will give us a lot of energy to start the day.


9. Propaganda 12

Street Libertad, 12Best 10 brunch in Madrid 1

There´s no funniest way to discover this city than a Tuk Tuk ride in Madrid, are we ready to go … anywhere?

Who said that Sundays are for resting? In Propaganda 12 every Sunday the Champagne Brunch is celebrated, where in addition to a large sweet and salty buffet, cold, hot drinks, undoubtedly the protagonists will be the Benedictine eggs and of course, the Champagne. We could choose between 40 types of Champagne to toast with the best company.

But Propaganda 12 also offers us the option of the “Aperitivo aperitivo” that will be held once a month at the bar, where we can enjoy live music. So … let´s find out what weekend it is because it sounds great! Isn´t it?

8. Panela & Co.

Street López de Hoyos, 10

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 2

If we are with our team could be such a great plan to do a cocktail making workshop for team building in Madrid after having brunch together … sounds good, doesn´t it?

Surely we have ever imagined ourselves as the protagonists of a TV series or film shot in New York, in a restaurant in a hotel, having breakfast as the New York style, right? Well it’s a relief to know that we do not have to take a plane and cross the world to live an experience like this. In Panela & Co we could feel like if we were at the big apple, accompanying the best brunch with jazz music. Can not be better …

This is one of the best-known brunches in Madrid, and its three menus, adapted to all tastes, which can be accompanied by Benedictines, bagels, juices, smothies, coffee and their incredible cocktails. We will be able to discover more every Saturday and holidays right there, are we going to miss it? Don´t think so …



7. Elektra

Street Santa Engracia, 108

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 3

A day in Madrid will be much better if we have at least a couple of hours to go to one of the best brunch in the city.

We want to go fora  brunch but keep taking care of our diet, that is totally possible with the brunch that will be served to us at Elektra. The freshest and healthiest dishes, handmade pastries, cereals and fruit among others. They also offer options for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores in their extensive menu, all welcome!

Elektra has become in recent years a referente for healthy food with the best ingredients to start the day with loads of energy. Some of its star dishes are the Benedictine or chicken burger. Although we can not leave without trying one of their gin tonics, they make them incredibly good. Do we have one for dessert?



6. Crustó

Different addressBest 10 brunch in Madrid 4

The best plan to end the day with so much fun is getting our Tickets to Parque Warner in Madrid … it will be amazing!

Bread lovers can now start queuing at Crustó, because there is no better place to enjoy a good brunch, than accompanied at one of the best bakeries in Madrid, where everything is made with so much love and art at this Arguelles area. A selection of unbelievable breads, French pastries, cakes, juices, hot drinks, and of course, eggs will accompany the 4 brunch menus Crusto offers us. From the most powerful and comforting, to the most energetic and lights …

But if we want to try other appetizing options, we recommend trying some of their cheese, sausages and salads … delicious plates! and just for one more euro, we can toast with a great cocktail.

5. Federal Café

Street Conde de Barajas, 3

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 5

Other fun plan we have in mind on a weekend is to do a Gin Tonic workshop in Madrid … you can´t imagine how great would be …

Any of the options offered by the Federal Café menu will be a great choice, but if we have the opportunity to take the brunch in the heart of Malasaña, we can not leave the Federal cafe without trying their eggs with spinach, smoked salmon, avocado or bacon English, according to taste …

But, like most of the brunches, we will have many options in the menu for breakfast, such as hamburgers, french toast, the famous Benedictine eggs, green smoothies, juices, crosissants, pancakes, yogurts … OMG! So good … and the best of all  … these options are eco-friendly at Federal Café.


4. Ojalá Bar

Street San Andrés, 1

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 6

We continue through the area of Malasaña and we find one of the best known places in the area, Ojalá Bar, where we can enjoy an irresistible variety of brunch with 8 options. From the simplest and classic as the “continental”, going through the healthiest “healthy brunch” to reach the most varied flavours from all parts of the world … an explosion of flavour in the same dish.

It can already be winter, maybe it’s raining and cold outside, but the Ojalá will give us the feeling of being in the middle of summer at some beach bar, because on the ground floor is full of summer decoration and sand. So cool!

The best thing about Ojalá Bar is that we do not have to wait for the weekend to enjoy it, because the brunch is available every day of the week, and at incredible prices.

3. Carmencita Bar

Street San Vicente Ferrer, 51

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 7

Brunch, then dinnner, and after dinner … party! Madrid is the city where we could find party and clubes every single day … so let´s have a look at the best 5 nightclubes in Madrid.

We continue through the area that does not go out of fashion, Malasaña, where you can have breakfast, lunch,  dinner, go out to party, whatever you want … that´s the reason why is one of the areas with more atmosphere in Madrid.  Carmencita Bar  offer us one of the most complete and convincing brunches of the city, the authentic american style of brunch.

In their menu there are up to 8 types of brunches available, and although any option will be delicious, we must know that his star proposals are the Benedictine eggs with salmon and avocado accompanied by the typical “hash browns” potatoes and a delicious “mimosa” cocktail.  So we can get carried away by our intuition or the recommendations of the waiters … any option will be good.


2. La Candelita

Street Barquillo, 30

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 8

Another great plan after the brunch will be at the Guide to the breweries in Madrid … let´s discover the best ones in the city and taste the best wines and beers of Spain.

In any corner of the city we can do with an American-style brunch but … what if we want a brunch with a touch of spice? This is possible in La Candelita, a Bar with the most Caribbean style, where traditional Latin American dishes are cooked, such as arepas, Mexican toast, crepes and sandwiches, among many other options.

With incredible prices, we can enjoy a unique and totally different brunch than we are accustomed, and of course, some inflated cocktails … we will not want the brunch hour to end !!


1. Bar Tomate

Street Fernando el Santo, 26

Best 10 brunch in Madrid 9

Choosing between sweet and salty is sometimes complicated, but in Bar Tomate  we do not have to discard any, we can combine the dishes that we want thanks to the different combos, which adapt to all pockets. From fried eggs, scrambled or Benedictine, to toast with butter, jam or tomato.

And of course, all your combos accompanied by coffee and orange juice, everything you need to start the day with joy and full belly. A brunch with fresh and quality products, a great success any day of the week!


Breakfast or lunch? We want brunch!

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