Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain

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Every year there are more people who dare to take a board and try to ride waves on the different beaches around the world. For surfers, the search of the perfect wave it means everything, so they travel looking for the best destinations in the world to practice this sport. Some famous places like Hawaii, Australia or California. But what if we told you that here, in Spain, we have some of the best beaches in the world to surf at any level? That’s right, thousands of people travel to our country every year to enjoy this sport, our beaches, nature and the environment around them.

Maybe we were not aware, but the Spanish coast has some perfect corners to surf, whether we are beginners and need small and easy waves or if we already have experience and we are looking for good tubes or waves with more spectacular sizes. And although this is one of the main sports that more people practice during the summer, more and more the surfers are no longer waiting for the good weather, they just want and need the best conditions to surf. This sport is perfect to start it practicing in schools with the best teachers, with our friends, or even with our family.

Where to?

Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 10

Sometimes it is not easy decide where to go to surfing, especially if we are starting to practice surfing, meet or find the right beach to get on the board and start surfing, as it depends on the time of year, wind, tides, and much more. .. Whether you have just started in the art of surfing or if you have been doing it for years, you will be interested in visiting with us the best 10 beaches to surf in Spain. Who knows? Maybe we have one next to our home … And if not, take a van and let´s follow the waves!


10. Zarautz Beach

 Basque Country

Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain

Zarautz, one of the most emblematic beaches of the Basque Country, and is one of the best options to enjoy a good surf session, for beginner surfers and for those of more advanced levels. And if we look for the best conditions, autumn will be the perfect season to surf in Zarautz.

But if we want something more calm we can get closer to the beautiful little town of Getaria, but … how to get there? walking or driving? Undoubtedly walking, or why not,  in paddle surf! and so we could enjoy the incredible views of the sea breaking on the promenade. Getaria has a special charm, and we can not leave without trying a good fish in one of its many restaurants. When we finished, it will be a perfect time to take a walk to a place very close to there. Between the road that joins Zarauz and Getaria, it breaks one of the most dangerous waves around called Roca Puta, and that only comes to break with the strongest swells of winter. A lot of caution!! only the most experienced surfers should get into the water!

After a good surfing session we could finish the day better than going to the restaurant of Karlos Arguiñano, on the seafront, and try some of their “pintxos”, elaborate dishes or delicious desserts. An experience that is priceless! Incredible waves + Arguiñano food … What else do we want?


9. Pantín Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 1

Spring, summer, autumn and winter … Pantín is one of the beaches where we can find waves practically at any time of the year, although the best months to surf are between October and November. And like Zarautz, this Galician beach also offers waves and conditions for different levels.

The only stop in Spain of the world surf championship has been celebrated for more than 30 years at this beach, called Pantín Classic Galicia Pro. Every year the best professional surfers from every little place of the world come to Pantin to compete for the world title. So if our visit is during the celebration of the championship we can enjoy a show of the best surfing we’ve ever seen The top surfers in the world for a week beating each other! It is a more than recommended experience.

And if the day or the ocean conditions are not the best to surf in Pantín, we can get closer to the beach of Campelo, a wild beach surrounded by cliffs, without a doubt, one of the best options where to surf calmly. Of course … it does not matter the time in which we travel to Galicia, if we are going to surf in its waters neoprene always! The water is usually cool …


8. Somo Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 2

Just 30km away from Santander we found the beautiful beach of Somo, a beach where we will find the greatest tranquility to surf at almost any time of the year, during summertime it will be normal to find more people who come to enjoy the waves or just walking on the beach. Somo is one of the “surfspots” referents in Cantabria, so if there are no waves in Somo, it is very likely that there are no waves in any beach up north Spain.

The best months to practice this sport in Somo are from April to June and from September to November, there will also be fewer people and the waves will be of better quality. So … let´s take paper and pen to not forget any point our details of this great option to surf. Also on the other side of the bay we´ll find Santander, where the culinary, cultural and historical possibilities are endless.

If our visit is during the summer, a plan that we should not miss is to cross the bay by boat to Santander, and there to approach the public park of La Magdalena, where we can see penguins, seals, sea lions and ducks, or have a drink in the numerous terraces. A unique experience, that we will not see every day.


7.  Rodiles Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 3

What if we get to the beach and there are not good conditions to surf? We are not going to stay at home … of course not! A plan to do with friends is the  Karting in Asturias,  so we can have fun as well and download so much adrenalin!!

The beach of Rodiles is located in the north of the country, on the Asturian coast. This beach has a fun and very manageable wave that breaks frequently. Although we must always be aware of the currents, although at first sight the conditions may seem easy, these can change rapidly. Considered one of the 100 best waves in the world, and among the 4 best in Europe, so see tourists from everywhere who come to surf it is very common.

The professional surfers consider this wave like the little sister of Mundaka – which is also in our top 10 – Apart from surfing, the beach of Rodiles is one of the most attractive in this area, because of its wild landscape, its fine white sand and cause is surrounded by pine forests. Whether we have good conditions to enjoy the best surf or not, the visit to this beach will be a success option and we are not gonna regret it.


6. El Quemao Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 4

If the surfing hours are not enough and we want to keep in touch with the sea and nature, we can not think of a better plan than a Catamaran ride in Lanzarote. We do not have to step on land to enjoy this island in a big way!

At the north of the island of Lanzarote, it breaks one of the most feared waves of the entire Atlantic, “El Quemao”. Known for the strength and power with which it breaks on the sharp bottom of volcanic lava and shallow depth. All this makes this wave recommended only for the most experienced surfers. The more beginners must choose other destinations, or if we are in Lanzarote, enjoy from the sand the show that the most professionals give in the water in this crazy beach.

The Quemao beach is among the ten best waves in Spain and Portugal and is feared and admired in equal parts by those who can surf it. The best conditions of El Quemao happen between the months of October and March, being above all in this time compared constantly with the spectacular waves that can be found in Hawaii, although we have good news! Next to the small port of La Santa, we can find less dangerous waves.

In case we are traveling between islands and we want to know how´s the party in Gran Canaria we would love to know the best nightclubs in Gran Canaria, and end the night at the best places of the city.



5. El Palmar Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 5

El Palmar is one of the best known places in southern Spain for surfing. Thanks to its 4 kilometers of coastline, surfers of all levels can get close and enjoy a fun day of surfing. The best time to find waves in Cádiz is between November and March.

When the surf session is over, we have dried and removed the sands of the body there are two things that for nothing in the world we should miss. Well, first eat in one of the many beach bars that are on the beach, that is so tipical spanish! And very, very typical in this area. We close our eyes and imagine ourselves eating with amazing views and a very surf atmosphere. We want to be there already!

And the second, we must wait for the sun to fall until we could be able to enjoy the colors that the Cádiz sky has for us. We will never forget the sunsets here! It will be like having a postcard in front of our eyes.


4. Mundaka Beach

Basque Country

Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 6

Once we are visiting the Basque Country we can not leave before to visit two of the most beautiful cities on the north of Spain: Bilbao and San Sebastian. These two places full of amazing landscapes, food and culture are waiting for us. Are we gonna miss it? No way!!

The small fishing village of Mundaka has become a very emblematic place for surfers from around the planet since some Australians in the late 70s discovered it. For seven years it was where one of the world surfing championship events was celebrated. For a long time ago the wave of Mundaka has been a “must” for lovers of this sport and considered one of the best waves of the continent.

This beach can offer a tube that runs up to 400 meters and can reach 4 meters high. Will leave us with our mouth open! In autumn and winter, when tidal waves hit the Cantabrian coast, this wave is usually only suitable for surfers with a high level, but if the waters are calmer, surfers midlevel can enjoy waves over one meter high, you just have to be careful with the currents.

But if we are  beginners and we are around this area, do not worry about not being able to surf, there are other beaches around that surely will conform to our needs, and meanwhile we can go and try the famous “pintxos” at the front bars Atalaya, where there is a viewpoint from which you can see how the Mundaka wave breaks.


3. Razo Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 7

Beginners! Now it´s our momentThe beach of Razo, 42 km from A Coruña is one of the best beaches where we can start in the practice of surfing. Its waves are long and soft and best of all, thanks to its 6km length will make us feel that we have the entire beach for us, and be able to learn to surf without hassles or crowds.

This beach is one of the most visited of the “Costa da Morte” and although it is very good to start surfing, surfers of all levels choose it because of its powerful waves, both right and left. In addition, it is very easy to see dolphins from the beach and sometimes surf with them. We are packing our bags to go to Galicia right now!!

It is an open beach with strong waves. In fact, it has hold multiple national and international competitions. Its waves are stable and the best direction of the sea is the swell of the northwest and the winds of the southern component, so the most favorable conditions for surfing in Razo will be during the autumn.

The best proof that it is an ideal place to start in this sport is the multitude of surf schools that exist and offer camps for all ages and levels, from initial to advanced. In some of them, tables are also rented.


2. Salinas Beach


Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 8

When we are traveling around, we just want to do it as quick as possible, and not be worried about the transport between places right? So there´s no better idea than once we get to the airport, take a Gijon airport transfer, and just go wherever we need. No bus, train or subway timetables, long and bored waits … let´s no miss any time waiting for public transport and just enjoy our destination.

The beach of Salinas, one of the most popular along with its neighbour Rodiles, offers us more frequent waves but also more dangerous, although with a frequency of more than 200 days a year with waves for all levels. Due to the characteristics of its waves, this beach is one of the most popular longboard spots in Europe and every summer the famous VANS Salinas Longboard Festival is celebrated on this beach and thousands of surfers come to enjoy the championship and its concerts of music. Such a great plan!!

Salinas has always been a paradise for surfers and because of  having guaranteed waves all year round, surfing has become an economic engine of the town and a generator of employment during the summer season. In recent years, new sports competitions have been created, surf schools have been created, specific accommodations for surfers, and hotel establishments have been opened and reopened, clearly focused on sea lovers. Who would have imagined this not many years ago? Today surfing is much more than a sport. A whole world moves it around, and it does not stop growing. It’s enormous!


1. Punta Galea Beach

Basque Country

Best 10 beaches to surf in Spain 9

The wave of Punta Galea is one of the best known in Europe for its strength and size. Every year there is a surfing championship in the world circuit of big waves, Punta Galea Challenge, where only the most experienced surfers, and specialized in this category go into monstrous waves up to five and six meters, running many risks. So, only those people who are trained and ready to surf, should get into the water.

And that is why it deserves a place in the ranking of the best beaches to surf in Spain, because it is a more than special beach, and unlike the rest, only a few lucky ones can ride their mountains of waves. It really does not matter if we are lovers of this sport or not, it worth so much in our visit to the Basque Country to make a stop in Punta Galea, because nothing that we read or see in videos will be comparable to what our eyes will see in live.


Which destination will be next?



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