Barcelona in a day

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Have you landed in Barcelona but only have 24 hours to enjoy it? Here are some tips to have the most fun possible in as little time so you can experience Barcelona in a day!

Barcelona is the second most visited city in Spain and we could easily spend days walking the streets. However, we´ll tell you 10 essential places that you can´t miss on your quick trip to the city.

In the morning

Barcelona in a day 1

Let’s start the day with a cup of coffee while wandering through Park Güell, which is one of the most beautiful icons in the city and it’s considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Take a thousand pictures if necessary, but an essential one has to be with the famous lizard!

And about Gaudí is the morning, because no one should pass through Barcelona without visiting La Sagrada Familia, which is his masterpiece. It’s still unfinished but that doesn’t make it any less stunning, and we even dare to say that it gives it a certain charm.

One of Barcelona’s most popular avenues is Paseo de Gracia, which is famous for its architecture. It’s our next stop and where we can’t miss La Casa Batllo and La Pedrera, two of the most famous buildings of this street that Gaudí created.

Heading to La Rambla! The strees most associated, without a doubt, with Barcelona. It crosses from the heart of Plaza de Cataluña to the old port of Barcelona (the area we recommend you to start from), so you can choose where to start to enjoy multiple performances and street music as well as its buildings, museums, the monumet of Christopher Columbus and its famous modernist market Boquería.

Where to eat

Barcelona in a day 2

TAPS BAR is a new “pinchos” bar. A cozy space with a beautiful bar full of pinchos, made out of good quality products and, above all, with much love.

We highly recommend it because a couple of funplanners groups have talked really good about it. And we thought it was a shame not to share it with you!

In the afternoon

Taking into account the location we have chosen to eat, it’s almost a sin not to pass by the third largest square in Spain: Plaza Cataluña. There are many ambulant stalls and part of its touristic charm is to feed the large number of pigeons in it.

From one plaza to another! La Plaza de San Jaime is located in the exact center of Barcelona and hosts the most important government buildings: El Palacio de la Generalitat and the City Hall.

Does getting lost in the streets of El Barrio Gótico sounds good? To us it does, mostly because all roads lead to Rome the Cathedral of Barcelona 😉 Walking through this area is like entering in a time machine because of its medieval streets, highly recommended!

There is nothing like enjoying the sunset from the beach to put an end to an amazing day, so we invite you to do it from Barceloneta, a marine neighborhood with a curious triangular shape loaded with history and magic.

Barcelona in a day

It´s the stadium of the Football Club Barcelona, Camp Nou. The team is definitely worth a trip to the countryside. In case you still have time.

In the evening

If you still have a minimum of strength to keep on going, we’ll tell you that you can’t talk about partying in Barcelona without having gone to one of the rooms with the best session, largest and most prestigious in Europe: Razzmatazz.

It has several rooms with different styles of music for all tastes such as indie, pop, alternative rock and electronic music that will be waiting for you not to stop until dawn… Will you make it?

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