Amsterdam in the rain

by TheFunPlan

Don’t let the bad weather ruin your trip! If there’s one thing we like in The Fun Plan, it’s making the most out of our holiday destination, regardless of whether it’s sunny, rainy or even snowy, so today we have the best recommendations for enjoying Amsterdam in the rain. Poncho and boots ready because our journey begins!

1. Museums of Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the rain 1

The Rijksmueum is one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands, so we recommend buying your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment at your destination.

The best way to start the day is by delving into Dutch culture and art, and nothing else, but in Amsterdam we can find the most famous museums in the country.

We’ll start with the Rijksmuseum where you’ll find the most important works of art in Holland, it also hides a huge library that is sure to leave more than one reading lover open-mouthed.

Just behind the Rijksmuseum you will find the famous Van Gogh museum, where you can enjoy over 200 paintings by the artist and get an idea of what his life was like.

2. Cheese tasting

Amsterdam in the rain 2

Besides tulips, there’s something very typical in Amsterdam and that’s cheese, so a great idea to get your strength back after a bit of sightseeing is a traditional Dutch cheese tasting and a chance to get acquainted with traditional Dutch dress, as the waiters dress up in their best to welcome the new tasters.

3. Eating at the old tram station De Hallen

Amsterdam in the rain 3

We recommend taking your camera with you, as its interior will leave you speechless. With a “hipster” style, this old tram station has been remodeled, becoming almost a “shopping mall” of the most alternative. Here you’ll find restaurants, cinema, shops and even a boutique hotel.

And for those rainy moments, they have prepared a giant indoor market full of street food stalls.

4. Canal Cruise

Amsterdam in the rain 4

Sailing the Amsterdam cruises is a must. You can rent from the legendary pedal boats to private boats for your group where you can have your own little party.

In Amsterdam they’re more than used to the rain, so the city doesn’t come to a standstill and neither do its canals. Get onboard and sail through the city! You’ll see their bridges full of bikes, you’ll greet other boats and above all you’ll enjoy a different point of view of the city.

5. Visit the Heineken factory in Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the rain 5

Visit a factory? It may sound a little boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Heineken factory is fun, original and very, very modern. You’ll start the visit in the most traditional part where you’ll see the production chain of the beer and you’ll go forward in time with a lot of digital activities. You’ll be able to play your own music and even throw your beer canes into a simulator. Of course, at the end of the visit you’ll be able to try some 100% real beers.

6. Take a tour of the coffee shops

Amsterdam in the rain 6

The best night out plan, partying! Amsterdam is a city full of festive atmosphere, so it won’t be hard to find the area to go out. But if you want our advice, in the following post you can find our favorite nightclubs in Amsterdam.

One of the things that will call your attention in Amsterdam will be the great number of coffee shops that exist in its streets. We recommend you to go into one of them to have a hot coffee and warm up after a rainy day. And if you are curious to know how they came about, what you can do in them and learn about the most representative coffee shops in the city, there are tours that explain the best kept secrets.

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