Amsterdam in a day

by TheFunPlan

Very well-regarded and known in Europe due to its streets, its buildings and its museums, Amsterdam seems to be very enthusiastic about its reputation as it shows off its epithet.. The city of Sin. Here’s the perfect itinerary for you to discover Amsterdam in a day.

As Amsterdam is one of those cities that don’t require too much time to be visited, we will try and suggest a couple of places for you to have a look at. Here’s everything you cannot miss out on if you only have one day to explore the city.

We can only start planning our escape to the Nethelands after having picked the dates and found a cheap flight. It’d be ideal to get a flight that leaves very early in the morning and comes back late at night, so that we’ll have the chance to make the most of our day.

The first thing we recommend to do in the city is a very dutch as well as healthy thing: a ride on board the Beer-Bike. That will be the perfect way to have a look around the city during the day.

Amsterdam museums

If you only get one day to visit the city, you’ll have to select some according to your taste. Among the most important museums of the city there are: Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank’s house, Hermitage museum and the Rijkmuseum.

Once you see the Rijksmuseum, you’ll know you’ve finally got to the Museumplein. This is the square where all museums are, surrounded by grass, where you’ll get the chance to get a picture with the iconic “I am Amsterdam” sign. The Rijksmuseum is a huge building where the world-famous Night Watch by Rembrandt is exhibited.

We cannot, however, forget those peculiar museums that the city offers. The Katten Cabinet Museum is the best option for those who love cats whereas the Tassen Museum is for those who love bags. If you like something more mainstream, then you might want to stop by the very classic Madame Tussauds. If what you wish is to see in something in line with the city’s vibes, then have a look at the Sex Museum & at the Torture Museum. Of course, you might want to swing by the Heineken Museum if you’re a fan of beer.

                                                           Most symbolic places

There are some places that are an absolute MUST to see in Amsterdam. One of those, especially if you’re a football fan, is the Amsterdam Arena: the incredible AFC Ajax stadium where important European football matches have been played (including European Football Championship). They offer guided tours that last 1 and a half hour and will take you around the stadium and the museum.

One of those activities you can’t miss out on, especially if you’re a group, is the mini-cruise across Amsterdam’s 120 canals. These canals have been included into Unesco’s World Heritage list since 2010.

Among Amsterdam’s best places that you should check out are: Dam Square square from where you’ll be able to reach the Red Light District, Rembrandt’s house and the Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt).

Although many could disagree, the coffee-shops are arguably some of the most interesting places to check out while in Amsterdam. This is why we offer a coffee-shop tour which is usually loved by all visitors.

Night Party

There’s loads of restaurants, bars, pubs, discos (here are Amsterdam’s best clubs, you’re welcome) and strip-clubs among which to choose (the groups that celebrated their stag do in Amsterdam can definitely tell you something about it). If you want to spend a night in Amsterdam the way Dutch people do, then you might want to try our Pub Crawl (+ Disco Entry). This way, you’ll make sure not to miss out on the best party places and you won’t spend too much money either.

You might want to check out Rembrandtplein & Leidseplein too. These are marvelous areas where many people (including locals) decide to spend their nights, not only on weekends. If you’re spending more than a weekend in the city, we suggest you have a look.

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