Alicante in a day: the perfect itinerary

by TheFunPlan

If you’re planning a holiday in Alicante, as well as in the rest of Spain, for the summer, then you better get ready: it is quite likely you’ll have to face a heatwave. Although the hot weather is arguably what gives Spain most of its charm, it definitely isn’t the only reason to travel to this amazing country. As a matter of fact, while all cities contribute to making this country the beauty it is, Alicante’s palm-tree boulevards just give the city an extra point. Here’s a the perfect itinerary for those who plan to visit Alicante in a day.

In the morning

Before your adventure begins, what do you think we take a ride around the city by scooter?

We will start our adventure in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the most traditional place in the city and one of the best paths to get to the Santa Barbara Castle. The whole path to the fortress will offer you idyllic views: narrow streets, white walls and coloured flowers displayed on the balconies. As for the castle, it was built at the end of the 9th century, back when the muslims were in control of the territory. It is situated at the top of the Mount Benacantil, 166 meters high and it offers majestic views on the above shown Playa del Postiguet.

To enter the castle, you will have to take the lift (charges apply) or use your car if you feel like driving. Do not worry, once you get to the top of the Mount there will be a parking where to leave the car. At that point you will be free to enjoy the best views of Alicante.

Where should you eat?

We will take a break during our trip to make sure we recharge our batteries. Shall we have a look at the best restaurants of the city? Nou Manolin, Piripi, Maestral… these are only some of the most well-known restaurant of the city. They offer very affordable prices and all sorts of food.

In the Afternoon

After resting for a while, it will be time to digest as you keep exploring the city. Let’s start walking towards the Explanada de España. This is Alicante’s most iconic and emblematic building, basically as beloved by the citizens as the Big Ben is by Londoners. It is a wonderful more than 500-meters long red, white and blue mosaic. It links the Playa del Postiguet to the Parque de Canalejas, being therefore right in front of the Paseo del Puerto.

To end your day right, why don’t you swing by the Playa de San Juan? The tram can help you reach it and, once you’re there, you’ll be able to enjoy miles and miles of a wonderful beach and a stunning sea. The beach is totally urbanised and features a huge promenade with lots of restaurants, ice-cream places, cafés and bars. That sounds like the perfect place where to enjoy a sunset!

At night

If what you’re looking for is the movida alicantina, then El Barrio is the right place for you. Situated in the old part of the city, it is halfway between the Santa Cruz and the Del Carmen neighbourhoods. The area is packed with roof-top bars and terraces, so you will get to enjoy the views as you visit the historical bars of the city.

If, on the other hand, what you wish is to try out the ‘tardeo’ (what we would call pre-party), then you might want to check out the Mercado Central de Alicante. You will be starting the night with a couple of beers as you get ready to walk the ‘Ruta Matadera’: it will take you to several nightclubs and lots of rock/metal music will be played. You’ll love it!

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