Albufeira Party Day&Night

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Albufeira, this beach city in the South of Portugal is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. What makes everybody love it so much? Well, it’s probably thanks to its perfect mixture of sun, beach and partying–the right ingredients for an amazing summer getaway.

Here are our recommendations for a day of partying in Albufeira:

 In the morning

Albufeira Party Day&Night

The first thing you have to do when you wake up is go to your window and stare out at the blue Portuguese sea. Then you should start your day off right by going to the beach, as Albufeira is situated right on the Portuguese Coast of Algarve, considered one of the most beautiful coasts in all of Europe.

Afterwards, walk to the nautical port of Albufeira where you will find a catamaran. Get on board and sail far away from the tourists, for an unforgettable and unique experience. This party boat comes with a DJ and open bar, and will take you along the Portuguese coastline, which the National Geographic considers one of the most incredible in the world. The catamaran cruises along the beaches of Rafael, Castelo, Galé, Salgados, Armaçao de Pera, Marinha, Benagil until Faro de Alfansina.

In the afternoon

You will end your catamaran journey at Nautical Port, La Marina, where you will continue dancing and taking in the fresh sea breeze, having the time of your life.

We recommend that you walk along the promenade until the Playa de los Pescadores “Fishermen’s Beach” and ask for your first drink in the evening at one of the pubs you pass along the way. These pubs have the best prices and happy hours for anyone seeking a good time, plus they’ve also got the best sea sights!!

Playa de los pescadores Albufeira

At sunset, go to Club Sétima Onda located right on the shore, where you can have dinner with the best panoramic views of the Playa de Los Pescadores. We recommend you order grilled bacalhau (cod), which is delicious and a star dish in the region. You can also take your last quick dip in the sea while enjoying a tasty mojito ;)

If you prefer to relax on the beach all morning, you can do that too. In the evening, you can enjoy a three-hour sunset Party with dinner and dancing to the beats of Albufeira’s most famous DJs.

At night

Albufeira de Noche

Once you’ve had your first dance of the night at Sétima Onda, you can go out at the ultimate party district in the new area of Albufeira, where you will find pubs for all kinds of people from all around the world.

If you like meeting new people, this area is the perfect place for you. But you will find it hard to believe you’re really in Portugal!! As for our favourite bars and nightclubs, we recommend two places: Liberto’s Club, decorated with Buddhist statues and a terrace where you can dance all night long; and another famous place in this area is Patchá, which has a giant TV screen outside where you can watch what’s going on inside the pub. Here you can also ask for your favourite songs to be played.

The night’s not over yet. From there, hop in a taxi and go to Kiss nightclub, where you can dance to all types of music and enjoy the sunrise near the beach.

If you are one of those who gets lost easily, you can also ask for a Tour Bar Crawl, which will take you to the best pubs in Albufeira, treat you to a few drinks and have you dancing at the VIP zone of Kiss nightclub.

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