A Guide to the Breweries in Madrid

by TheFunPlan

If you come to the Spanish capital and you like beer, we have created a guide to the breweries in Madrid unlike anything else with a selection of locals spots, each unique in its own way where you can taste the best selection of national beers, international, artisanal, and elaborate. Will you join us?

Talking in reference to the 4 line in the metro, we´ll go from San Bernardo to Colón stopping at each of the stations to enjoy the route of the beer. (And if you get lost, check out our guide of 10 different ways to get around Madrid)

La Tape

A guide to the breweries in Madrid

If you´re only in Madrid for a day, don´t forget to check out some of our favorite views.

In only a year and a half La Tape is already a habitual site for the neighbours of the bar of San Bernardo. And it is one of the only breweries of Madrid that offers the possibility of tasting beers throughout the entire day starting in the morning thanks to dishes as original as a German beer pie with cherry flavouring (Kriek Boon).

It´s the time of the traditional beer, and La Tape is the perfect place to taste them. Here you´ll be able to try artisanal beers from all over the world: Germany, Switzerland, The United States, and of course, Spain. Additionally, La Tape offers a house service “Tape Away” where you can order all of the natural products of the store ranged from breakfast to the menu of the day, including dinner to watch the football game.

Does this sound good to you? The possibility to taste unique products in a cozy environment and with a team of the friendliest people who have found a way to make a business in something that they truly enjoy. And the public? Young, restless, curious, “the new rebels”. If you are one of those, do not miss out on La Tape! They´ll welcome you with open arms.

Cervecería Santa Bárbara

A guide to the breweries in madrid

If this sounds like the place for you, check out their website and plan your visit today!

The brewery that makes the best beer in all of Madrid. How do they do it? It´s a secret. It was one of the Tertullian’s in the 19th century that has become one of the undisputed beer bars of the capital. What they do tell us is the technical perfection to have the beer: moisten the glass to achieve the perfect temperature, tilt the glass 45 degrees from the tap spout, open the tap and allow the beer to fall to the wall of the glass and of course allow it to rest a few seconds until the foam disappears.

Although it is well known that the mature public frequents this local spot that’s over 200 years old, each time it is more common to see the terraces of San Bárbara with young people trying “the best beer in Madrid”, especially at the place they have in Alonso Martínez thanks to the offer The verbena of Santa Bárbara with beers at one euro. The mouth to mouth has always worked in Santa Bárbara.

La Fábrica

A guide to the breweries in madrid

If you still have energy after a long day of drinking some of Spain´s finest beers, Madrid is also home to some of the world´s best nightclubs.

An authentic museum of beer in the middle of Madrid where visitors come from all corners of Europe to admire their works of art. It´s decorated with its own barrels of beer and collector´s pieces of the drink consumed most by the Spanish. It is one of the only places that has up to seven taps of distinct brands that they can choose to their liking for the perfect beers. You can choose through textures, colors, flavors, between an infinite variety of beer from all the over the world.

The public that frequents La Fábrica varies just like its star product. From business men that eat daily to people in their 30´s who go to the factory afterwork. The second most consumed beer is the German Paulaner. Therefore, if you visit La Fábrica you can also east the German food, you will not be hungry! There is nno other place like La Fábrica in Spain, where additionally you can celebrate your birthday or a goodbye toasting with beers from all over the world.

Somtimes it´s hard to choose between a day of beer and toruring a beautiful city like Madrid, luckily we found a way to do both!

Who´s thirsty?

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