A Day in Seville

by TheFunPlan

We suggest you discover the best places to visit and the best places for tapas. You can enjoy the city in a single day. Accompany us? Here we will give you tips for a day in Sevilla.

Remedios Reyes Morales and Jesus Gallardo, #funplanners travelers, offer us the best places to discover Seville.

In the Morning

Cathedral of Seville

Start the morning visiting the historic center of the Andalusian capital. Sevilla has a historical heritage of the most beautiful scenery of the peninsula. Walking the streets will take all morning. We recommend not getting lost the Cathedral of Seville, climb the Giralda from where you will see the whole city and visit the Alcázar.

Before the heat starts have a few glasses of wine by the Barrio del Arenal, whose name comes from the time when it went through the Puerta de Triana and Torre del Oro opened. Now it is one of the most traditional neighborhoods city and distinctive for his love of bullfighting, and the best place for tapas!

Our #funplanner Reme recommended two places for tapas in the old town: Parsley Bar on Calle Mateos Gago, “to take a typical sweet wines” in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz and Bar Blanco Cerrillo.

They also recommend the perfect Colonial Tavern to enjoy the best of Andalusian cuisine at two points around the city such as a slice of bread with gazpacho, quail egg and ham. Sounds delicious! We will leave a guide to the best places to eat in Seville.

In the Afternoon



Parque Maria Luisa

Buy your tickets, and visit all museums!

Coming near the square of Spain when you doze between nap and walk to the Parque Maria Luisa to rest. As evening falls, walk to the Torre del Oro and take a walk along the river to the Barrio de Triana, the neighborhood with more essence of Seville. Do not miss the street Betis, You will be surprised!

Our #funplanner Jesus Gallardo also recommends a walk through the Barrio de Santa Cruz headed to the Giralda San Fernando Street. Also, see the old Royal Tobacco Factory which is now used as a university and where the film was recorded Carmen which is starring Paz Vega. Following the walk, it is worth a photo in front of the hotel Alfonso XII and Jerez door that take you to the cathedral and the Alcazar.

If you arrive and you have no accommodation we recommend the best hotels to sleep in the Andalusian city and leave you with no excuses that keeps you from traveling to Sevilla 😉

At Night

Sevilla at night

After a few good glasses of wine (how could it be otherwise), you have two options to enjoy the Sevillian night. You can go to enjoy a show in any self-respecting flamenco show in Seville, or you can go to enjoy the best party at the Antique Theatre, our favorite recommendation of Seville 😉

Jesus also recommends us to take a shot on the terraces of one of the hotels overlooking the Giralda or get a drink at Eslava bar.

Did someone say that there is no party in Seville?

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